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#17 Believe in yourself before it’s begun

Investigating a new perspective

Perspective is a funny thing. It can happen in an instant. A new thought, a new piece of information, a new way to explain something that all leads to a new way of thinking.

I tend to have my hands in a lot of things, I like strategizing and problem solving along with new experiences. Recently, these ideas were fighting for attention, like all ideas do and I had to have an honest look and decide what is my most important priority.

What’s the one thing I need to focus on and everything else has to fall underneath. I can get a lot done, but I have to pick my north star right now. And I know others are feeling the same urge to start making major changes and do something radically different.

I got even more focused, got clarity and got my answer. And it changed my entire view of how I was trying to solve a problem. It made me realize that there were lots of paths open to get to the other side, but I was stuck on trying to make one scenario work. Tweak this one thing and try again. Not quite right, so let’s change the foundation.

It was the ability to admit when it’s not working, move through any grief or disappointment and learn to move on to the next. Being ready and open for another solution allows movement to keep going. Instead of waiting till the point where we’ve been pushed down and have to learn when the pain is too unbearable, that it’s time to move on.

New connections to old dots

It happens in layers, when you can look at the past and finally see why experiences happened. Especially the ones that felt like failure, can suddenly become a new source of wisdom. Full circle moments appear to reflect a flash of the past along with the stretch of the growth made.

You’re ready because you want more in life. You’re ready to experience the next level in life. It may require more responsibility while allowing more freedom. Either way, it's time to go towards it.

Tightrope walking Balancing the perspective of those connected dots from a bird's eye view, while working towards the daily tasks that have to be done can feel overwhelming. Tightrope walking in the right cultural events, requires a high level of skill. It’s great symbolism to remind us of the playful action of constantly adjusting our emotional and mental mindsets in accordance with what life brings us.

I was watching an interview with a self-made multimillionaire who would convert and renovate old types of buildings into more modern destination driven Airbnb rentals. And one thing I noticed that he said a few times, more to himself, was “I’ll figure it out.” I love this phrase as well, and I’m not implying by saying it, you’ll be rich. But having the mindset that whatever happens, there’s always a solution. Until then don’t worry.

"The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly – that is what each of us is here for." –Oscar Wilde

It’s easy to share examples out in the world and see how things come together, but we know most of the preparation happens within. It’s also easy to say to believe in yourself, but how can we really if we’re looking to do something new?

One thing I know, nobody has anything figured out. We’re all laying down the tracks as we’re running the train. In my experience, being able to empathize and embrace the highs and lows of emotions and wobbling of thoughts is the closest anyone comes to figuring things out.

There’s a full range of emotions to experience and learn from. And that’s how we build up a strong confidence to believe in what we want to set out to do, because we know we can. We’ve done things in our past that seemed difficult and we made it through. We’ll do it again.

Last week’s newsletter also addressed our skill sets to help boost confidence and strengthen, if you want to review here.

4 Ways to Embrace Inner Belief

Here are a few perspectives to try on to embrace deeper inner belief as you walk the tightrope of life.

Balanced Duality

Learn how to recognize what’s underneath the highs and lows. When agitation rises up, there’s usually an underlying factor that we need to acknowledge. It’s typically not obvious and takes time to know what’s been going on within. Knowing the dark parts of the self and still loving that along with all of the great qualities creates a balanced duality.

Letting go with Peace

Thoughts and stories that we tell ourselves can actually hold us back. Especially stories that keep us feeling safe but also stunt us through staying in a comfort zone. Is there something you want to do that might feel blocked? Set an intention, ask for guidance on what next step to take and allow new information to come in.

Recognizing Accomplishments

We may find ourselves moving quickly from one project to the next and we forget the things we’ve built, the skills we’ve learned and the new knowledge we’ve attained. When issues came up, solutions were created and problems solved. It was figured out. Don’t forget that everything has a solution as long as we’re willing to figure it out.

Personal Freedom

Self-made opportunities are the fastest way to personal success and freedom. If there’s an idea in the mind of what that looks like, how close can we reach it? Is it even possible to believe that it’s achievable? What small steps can we take today to get us feeling our own personal freedom now.

The daydreams that dance in the mind are seeds ready to be planted in the field. Believe you can accomplish what you desire and you will.

"Next to love, balance is the most important thing." - John Wooden


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