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#16 Revolutions into evolutions

When you can't find a solution, build one.

Each year we make a revolution around the sun, move through our seasons and hopefully have a few cherished experiences along the way. We get opportunities to grow that usually come through a few pain points to give us a clear view of our catalyst for change. And then we get another opportunity immediately after deciding whether or not we’ll actually make those changes.

At the same time of our revolution around the sun, or at any mark of time, we’re also greeted with our evolution. Here, we’re met with two perspectives. One that advances us into our future and the other that pauses us to contemplate the time that has passed.

We only evolve when we’re aware of the insight gained.

It’s a good time to take stock of what you know and what skills and toolsets you’ve gained up until this point. Building the right resources and knowing what we need allows us time to spend solving the precise problems.

Build the resources and then build the life

I recently heard a story from a wrangler cowboy living on a ranch he built over 30 years ago in Wyoming. He shared a story about the lessons his father taught him. That sometimes you have to build the resources and then build the life.

His father was a humble man, a priest who tended to all the rural churches around the farmlands. On the side in-between services, his father would take on auto mechanic and electrical jobs for money. The churches didn’t have a way to compensate for the work, so he had to learn other skills to pay the bills. And because there was hardly any money, if his father needed a tool that was too expensive, his father would figure out a way to make it. He would figure out how to construct the tools he needed so he could get the job done and get more work.

When you can’t find a solution, build one.

The levels to this game of life never cease to amaze. Have you been able to connect the dots of the past and how it pertains to the present? Over time and through many revolutions of life, past ideas and interests tend to resurge and bring with it new insights and information. History has a way of repeating itself dressed in a modern outfit.

Can you look at the past with a sense of tenderness for all of the experiences brought to your door? Especially those powerful reminders on where to strengthen self-worth and finally understand the true importance you add.

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."—George Bernard Shaw

It’s easy to forget all the little things we’ve learned along the way. It’s easy to get confused sometimes about where we’re headed and what we really want. But it’s vital for us to see the leverage we have while exploring the areas we want to keep growing in.

Reviewing timely revolutions

You’ve learned how to solve challenges that have come up. And you know how to get or make the tools needed to continue building a life you want. It won’t be easy, but by fine-tuning how to handle levels of pressure with ease, anything can be overcome.

"Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors."—African Proverb

The more you play and engage in life, the more you get out of it. There’s a new level of personal evolution we’re collectively being powerfully nudged to take. It’s a new way of thinking and being that should be designed by us, not given to us.

We’re moving rapidly in society and we’ll have to create new tools to handle all the shifts being made. The practice of self-development and the wisdom of personal intelligence is the knowledge required to survive and thrive over the next decades.

Wisdom orbiting through us

Evaluate past experiences to gather what skills, talents and abilities came out of it.

  1. Past jobs and skills - think about all the jobs you’ve had and what skills you learn to complete the tasks of that job. From hands-on labor to communicating and collaborating with others. List those in-between skills that you had to figure out to make work successful for you, like knowing how to manage your manager.

  2. Past interests and abilities - small or large interests count here. Have you ever pursued a topic or interest where it was a deep dive into almost being an expert? What skills did that take? There are usually tasks we’re good at that we wouldn’t even consider a skill. List out the fun things that make you lose track of time. Any hidden abilities?

  3. Past talents - have you learned anything outside of regular life? Do you know how to do something that is unique to your background? Maybe there’s something you did as a young child that’s a forgotten talent, like playing a musical instrument.

Wisdom ready to be gained

How can you take the lists created and see if you remember and celebrate all that you've done so far. How could you add to those skills and blend something new with them?

Cross-pollinate two different things to create a new thing. Is there anything at the moment that needs to be fixed or solved?

There is so much value and resourcefulness inside of you. When you know where you want to go, it’ll be clear what tools you have and what you can build to make the life you want.


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