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We believe in those who push boundaries and create their

world best fitted for them.


We believe the power of play will bring you back to life.


We believe that design thinking focused on growth will build

a life with purpose and meaning.

We believe when we create an abundant life, it will ripple out making this world a better place

We believe everyone will be a successful self-sufficient human

by nurturing their inner wisdom.

We believe by learning one’s own creative nature is the

blueprint to carve out one’s path.

We believe every human is a co-creator in their life.

We believe everyone needs to shine their light.

We believe the next waves of creatives will become

our inspiring innovators.

Wisdom Healings believes all 

creative humans

need to be free to express their full creativity.

About Dena

Dena is a Creative Director, Intuitive Healer, Life Coach, Teacher, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Artist. She also holds a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from CSULB. She has had an extensive career, over 25+ years, in guiding designers, studios and business owners through intuitive branding & design solutions into successful business applications and ventures. 

After years of consulting and advising in the business world, Dena heard a soul deep calling to pursue her mystical intuitive gifts on a professional level and offer them to her community. It was through that soul calling that this practice was born and to help individuals transform into their true self and feel empowered and free to create a path of the soul’s desires.

Her philosophy is that the truth of all Universal Laws hold a bonding element of Love. This philosophy opens up sacred space for her to meet clients wherever they are and move with them along their soul exploration.

Throughout the many twists and turns life has presented to Dena, she’s been able to pull herself up and transform into something new, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. In her own journey of breakthroughs and breaking free from ancestral and generational conditioning of fears and illusions, she’s able to offer guidance and advisory services to her clients. 

It’s truly an honor for Dena to hold sacred space for each individual. Together with her clients, she helps them gain their power back to co-create with spirit.

She welcomes all who resonate with these messages. 

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Creative Healer

• Spiritual Life Coach & Teacher

Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

• Meditation Practitioner

• Intuitive Bio-field Practitioner

• Certified Life Purpose Life Coach

• Theta Healing Practitioner

• Reiki Master

• Creative Director

• Visual Design Teacher

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