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​About  You


You take your work home.

It’s nearly impossible to separate office hours from home time and turn off thoughts about creative work.

Creatives use everything as inspiration.


It's time to build mini-routines that feels more like tiny sacred rituals to engage with the ebb and flow of your creative energy. There are times to be active and there are times of rest. Both are equally important.

Does this sound like you?

* You’ve tried a lot of things and they didn’t quite work and you're

   frustrated and anxious because you know change needs to happen.

* You'er tired of feeling stuck in your creative work and want to move

   to the next level in your career.

* It's time to face any fears and challenges and break through blocks.

* You’re meant to make a difference in the world with your creativity.

* You’re ready to clear a path to take action. 

* You feel a sense of urgency to get moving forward.

* Now is the time to fully tap into creative inspiration. 

* There’s a stronger creative voice that is ready to come out.

* And you want your creative process to be in a constant flow.


Develop your own innovative code to personal sovereignty and a pathway to creative heart.

Ready to take action?

It's time to take back your creative power.
Let's work together to boost your creative spark in a one-to-one setting to
focuson your inspired ambitions.

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