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#60 Your inner battle is not about you.

The art of aligning to your heart and mind.

“Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it.” — Gandhi

We all want to be that sage master who always says the right thing, who is ready to take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. 

We all want to be the suave and graceful hero that knows exactly what to do, at exactly the right moment.

We want to know all the answers to the questions and have all the great advice to be delivered just at the right time.

But instead we’re usually too busy overthinking, anxious, worried, confused, fearful or frustrated or just plain awkward and sometimes a little clumsy. Maybe that’s just me. 

When we get into these moods we have a tendency to be at war with ourselves way more than we’ll ever want to admit.

We need this internal conflict to learn how to build our character from it. And it gives us multiple opportunities to choose how we’ll stand in our integrity and define our standards.

We know that this battle is a part of every human experience. Philosophers and poets have written about it for centuries. It’s as old as time. Yet we each have to learn how to win this battle  and really conquer ourselves.

The battle within is when you’re fighting conditioning that you’ve been nurtured by that no longer resonates with your nature. And your natural inclinations are calling out for you to do something different. So the battle is your nature vs your nurture. 

It’s not actually you, it’s your mind that’s been programmed a long time ago with beliefs and outdated notions that are fighting against the newness that you want to embark on. It’s that comfort zone wanting you to stay put while that internal animal is fighting to get out of the cage.

So if it’s not you, then where are you at? Typically when we are in our internal battle, we’re in the muck and mire trying to referee these two things. And it doesn’t work, we just get bounced back and forth between the two.

So how do you get out of this position? I’m glad you asked.

Once we learn how to employ our natural senses with our vision, we can get the results we want. It’s time to get into alignment with our head and our heart. It’s time to learn how to win the battle once and for all. 

We need to learn how to redirect those emotional waves that want to overtake us. And reroute those intrusive thoughts that want to hold us hostage. 

Emotions are messengers and the first thought that comes to mind is a radical agent. The second thought is up to you.

The mental battle is the fight of someone else’s thoughts, obligations and opinions that have been put on you. It’s a battle of what could be and worries over things that you have no proof of.

The emotional battle is a fight of emotions that pop up and get held onto instead of getting the message they’re sending and releasing them back into the wild.

Let’s break down how to win the battle within.

When you're in alignment, you’re sitting in a higher perspective with a clear vision. You can see both the thoughts and the emotions and know where to direct them. 

To get to this place, you need to be in a neutral position. Everyone pushes this idea of happiness, but that’s just another emotion that comes in and out. What I think you should strive for is peace. It’s that calmness and that neutrality that allows for clear thinking and precise decision making.

Both our thoughts and emotions are energy. When you expend that energy in unnecessary thoughts and holding onto unnecessary emotions, you lose the ability to apply in the direction you want.

When we have a north star and a strong sense of direction, no matter how much you know, you’ll be able to guide yourself. We will never never ever know everything before we venture out. That’s the fun part. 

Not all conflict is bad. We need to help us determine what we really want and to see all sides so that we can make the best decisions. But most of the time, we get caught in the middle and forget to take a higher perspective. 

Here are five steps to create a strong alignment and dig deeper into personal wisdom.

Step 1: Neutralize 

Ask yourself:

Can I be here now?

How can I sit in the present moment and observe what comes up?

How can I be a witness to this experience without reacting?

Step 2 : Balance

Ask yourself:

Am I able to see the bigger picture of why this conflict exists within me?

Can I see what my emotions are trying to tell me? What is it that I need?

Can I understand why my thoughts are directing me in this way?

Step 3 : Heart’s Desire

Ask yourself:

What is it that I truly want to go after? What do I really want that would give me the most satisfaction?

What would help me progress the furthest?

Step 4 : Mindful Strategy

Ask yourself: Where can I find solutions to make this situation better? How can I bring this into my reality?

Who can help me solve this problem?  

What steps do I need to take to make this happen?

Step 5 : Visualize Victory

Ask yourself: What does success look like that’s in my best interest? How does success feel in my body that is satisfying?

Am I able to release specific outcomes and enjoy the process?

Am I able to be flexible to allow the twists and turns of life?

That cliché saying of “the only way through is within” probably came from someone who battled with themselves too many times before. Once we learn how we’re choosing to struggle, we can then choose another path.



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