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Your creativity has a purpose in life.

Maintain your creative flow. And stay there.

Creative life coaching to support your creative soul in work and life.

You deeply desire to be able to:

  • Be in your creative power and flow 

  • Learn how to manage energy and eliminate burnout

  • Cultivate a deep commitment with ease to your creative process

  • Design a routine that aligns with your nature

My mission is to help creatives gain clarity to continually innovate as a creative, so they can continue to put their work out into the world.


We work together so you can maintain a healthy mindset and a constant energetic flow for creativity.



Little did I know when I started working with Dena that I was

preparing to be my highest-self.

Let’s say the goddess of my own story. I have a lot of ambition and I know I have a lot to achieve in my life - no goddess is an island and so I have prepared to shed my old self, and step into my authentic self and highest time-line life. Dena makes me feel welcome and that nothing is too esoteric or out there to discuss. I look forward to continuing working with Dena and her unique approach to healing and I will collaborate with her on future work endeavors!

- Vivian C. - Interior Designer


1  / Which option is a fit for me?

Single Session: best for individuals who want to focus on finding a solution and identifying next steps in the right direction. This is for those that want guidance to make sure they’re heading in the right direction and catch any blind spots.

Coaching Container: best for people that want more in-depth, tailored help for either overall growth or a specific problem they’re experiencing.

2 / What if I can't make it to a live call?

If something happens please let me know. In most cases, however, to respect both your time and mine I ask for a 100% commitment to show up at your scheduled time. If a no-show occurs and no prior communication was made the cost will be non-refundable.

3 / What if none of the times fit my schedule?

If your timezone or schedule don’t match any available times, please send a message to email address

Need help, but the options above aren’t a good fit right now?

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