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Gain control of your energy while engaging in your creative work.
Learn how to stay in a constant creative flow.
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Wisdom Healings is
On a mission to connect creatives
back to themselves.

By breaking through limiting beliefs and eliminating burnout, they can maintain a constant energetic creative flow to their work.


I felt instantly at ease with Dena.

She listened + asked the right questions to understand my needs and where I was mentally and spiritually. The session itself was amazing. Dena helped me clear some of the creative/energetic blockages I've been dealing with and afterwards gave me some amazing insights that have given me strength to navigate some of the challenges I'm dealing with. Thank you, Dena!

– Kelsey M. Interior Designer

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You deeply desire to:

•  Stand in your creative power 

•  Learn how to stay out of burnout

•  Cultivate a deep personal commitment

•  Develop your own creative process

•  Design a routine in alignment with your nature rhythm

•  Maintain a creative flow with

This might be at right now if you...

Tried a lot of things and they didn’t quite work

Frustrated and anxious and you want change in your creative work

• Want to find your own unique sense of style 

• Want to take your creative work to the next level

Need clarity to make decisions that work in your best interest

• Want guidance and direction by being asked the right question, not spoon-fed answers

• Prepared to do the work and face your fears and any challenges that up

• Know you’re meant to make a difference in the world with your creativity

• Done letting things get in the way and are ready to take action

Feel a sense of urgency that time is getting past you

• Believe you’re not tapping into your creative potential that's within you 

• Know there’s a purpose inside of you that needs to come out

• The creative process feels unsteady and not a constant flow


About  You

Every Saturday, you’ll receive tips and insights to gain control of your energy, creative successful work and

maintain that constant creative flow.

 Document your creative growth by setting intentions and taking notes on what inspiration comes up.

Want specialized help in moving through a personal goal in your life? Get personal guidance in one to four sessions.


You have a voice that needs to be heard in the world.
Art and creativity are the essential essence
of the human experience.

Without your creative vision, insights, ideas and plan, society would be lost.


The biggest energy shift I’ve felt has been in a new commitment to honoring my needs.

Over the past few months, Dena has helped me recognize how fundamentally important that is to my health and growth. Dena’s support creates a space where I not only feel that I am safe to be vulnerable, but also truly seen and heard. I can now trust in my intuition, and let that guide my actions on my own unique path.

– Carrie D., Fashion & Jewelry Designer

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