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#54 Are you ready for a new life?

To let the new in, we must be brave enough to discard the old one.

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

– Vincent Van Gogh

Have you been feeling a need to shift things around? 

It seems that everyone is craving a deeper desire to move forward, take leaps and make real changes in their life. That feeling of wanting a new life and to shake off the old stale ways of doing things.

Change is a funny thing. We desire it. We dream about it. And we make small attempts to do it. But we always fall back into our old ways. More frustrated than before we started.

Real change takes courage and discipline. It takes a clear focus of knowing our intentions. And it takes a solid foundation for the new to stay.

We know that the best change happens in small doses. 

The sages tell us to go within and reflect. To shift the mind and let our internal energetic flow ripple out in the world. That if we want to see the change, we need to be that change reflected in the world.

Scientific studies confirm sage wisdom and add details on how to correct our behavior. Realistic and specific goals are the most successful because they can be measured easily.

Over the years, I’ve leaned on my design thinking and processes to carve out new self evolutions. The more I’ve refined the process, the better the results and longer the new behavior lasted.

Change sprang out of a necessity driven by the frustration of not being challenged. 

Tired of the same routine that eventually turns into stagnation, something usually has to change. It’s caused me to be an agent of change. Having ripple effects hitting all areas of life.

Shifting into the unknown is bound to bring up unresolved issues of fear, moments of trepidation or irritation of being back at that beginner stage.

But without transformation, we have no growth. And that breeds feelings of being lost and hopeless. 

I’ve found a process to work with my natural tendencies. Then real change happened. 

Answer this one question:

What is one thing I would change in my life for the better?

Let’s dive into this together. We’ll discuss how to build a foundation in your life that allows you to make multiple changes in any area you desire. And have them stay.

Join me Thursday, March 28, 2024 at 9:30 am PST for a free 90 min workshop. 

We’ll go over my 8 step process for long-lasting transformation. 

Spaces are limited. Grab your seat and let's make real changes.


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