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#57 You’re not stuck. Your life is.

Do you have that feeling of being a little lost? Not sure where you want to go or what you want?

We all can get stuck when everything around us stays the same. When we do the same daily routines and life starts to get a little boring and stale. 

There’s a common misconception when we’re going through these feelings, that we are all alone in these feelings of being stuck. But it’s actually more common than you think.

We all have moments when we feel stuck. And studies have shown this happens all over the world and at various economic levels.  

I’m here to tell you today, it's not you. It’s your environment. It’s your life.

Let’s break this down a bit. 

We actually crave meaning in our lives. We need to have a purpose that drives us to get up and out of bed each day. Ideally, we’re putting these together for ourselves.

So there’s hope. When we become aware of what’s happening because we know ourselves and we’re observant, we can do something about it. 

We get to decide where to put our energy and what to do with our time. And here’s a hint, it's not where it's been. There is something we’ve outgrown or are done with and now we need to put on our scientific hat and figure out how to solve this problem.

When we become aware of what stories running through our mind, we can shift it. 

When we find activities that challenge us, we’re training our mind to think of new solutions to new problems. Mental gymnastics need reps to build strength.

So…you’re not stuck. The life around you is stuck and outdated. The reality in which you created is outdated. And when you realize this feeling of being frozen or immobilized, it’s up to you as a creator to solve it. 

Take the emotions out of it and see it as a new challenge. 

A challenge to create a more engaging lifestyle and get out of your comfort zones. Whatever that means for you. 

Again, we all go through this multiple times in our life. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a “change” thing.

A signal to shift it up. Not to be reckless, but conscious and aware of what you really need. Even if you don’t know what you need, you still know what’s not working. Which is where you’re at.

Three step exercise to unstuck your life.

Take out a piece of paper and make two columns.

Step one: 

On the left side, make a list of all the things you’re tired of doing everyday. 

Really vent. Have at it, and let it all out. What is falling flat and a total bore? Start from the moment you get up till the moment you go to bed. Again, only list what you don’t like. 

Take a breath. Let it all out with a big sigh,

Step two: 

Now the right side. Drum roll please. For each rant and vent, think of the exact opposite thing to replace. Before your inner critic kicks on and adds on demands, just have fun and stretch your mind to find the most opposite activity to replace it.

Have fun and when you’re finished with the right list. Take another breath.

Step three: Now review a list of wild potential activities you could start to pursue. Even a mild version of what you wrote will get your life out of stuck mode into engaged activities.

You could make this a ritual and do it every month or every season. Evaluate what you love and what needs to go. Because it’s not you that is stuck, it's the environment around you. Your job is to solve that problem for yourself by creating new activities and events to bring in fresh energy and a more engaged mentality.



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