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#49 Narcissus vs the Intuitive mindset.

Shift your thinking, change your life.

Have you ever been stuck in a rut, thinking the same thing over and over again? Have you ever felt like you can’t move forward because you were too fixated on one thing? Unable to move into action and do anything at all?

Have you heard of the story of Narcissus? 

It's a famous tale about a boy who was a hunter and was admired by all who gazed upon him, no matter the gender.

But Narcissus rejected all advances of any admirer. Until one day he walks by a pool of water. Upon seeing his reflection, not realizing that it was his own, he becomes entranced. He kneels down and sits by the bank staring at his reflection. 

While endlessly longing for the ability to connect, becoming increasingly obsessed with himself, he pounds on his heart. His chest turns purple from the repetitive beating. Unable to move from the stop, anchored in stagnation, he ultimately dies. 

Modern interpretations have taken this story as a lesson about the narcissistic love one has in life. Let’s take this at a deeper level.

The greek root word of narkō means “to make numb”. Isn’t that what happens when we are stuck in a rut? We become numb to everything around us, too fixated on our own illusion. And spiral downward into despair. 

I think to some degree we’ve all had this experience. Falling for a fantasy that produces an expectation that can’t be met. And when those expectations aren’t met, we have trouble shifting out of it.

When we’re too fixated on one thing and one thing only, we lose ourselves. We miss everything happening around us in our environment. 

We’re unable to get any internal guidance to fully live and experience life. We’re too wrapped up in what becomes an illusion. 

When we get stuck in repetitive thoughts and add in emotionally charged feelings, we’re actively creating a reality we don’t want. We’re taking our self mastery of creation and turning it on ourselves.

When we don’t understand that we create the channels of thought, we’re telling the universe that this is what we want to have happen, even when it’s not the case. The stronger we build emotions to tunnel vision, we put ourselves under a spell.

And when we cast a spell over us that keeps us stuck and in a lower vibration like feeling bad about a situation or believing in a limiting belief, it feels impossible to hear intuition. 

If we’re going to be stuck in repetitive thoughts, let them be desirable ones that bring us to what we actually want in life. Lifting the veil of negative illusion and spinning one of forward thinking that allows for actual growth. 

By being aware of what’s happening within us and acknowledging our behavioral patterns, we can be intune with nature to help shift our focus.

By being aware enough to know when we’re caught up in overthinking or obsessing over the wrong details, we can quickly pivot.

Utilizing intuitive techniques to innovate

As we know, there is no separation between work and life. They are one in the same. There is no off button when we’re engaged in life or work. Instead, we’re always thinking about one thing or another.

To allow for insights to come through, we have to be in the right state of mind. Consider these mindsets to adjust and allow more intuition in.

An intuitive mindset is one that is open to new discoveries and interpretations.

An intuitive mindset is free from shackled and routine thinking.

An intuitive perspective is allowing answers to arrive when you’re not looking for them.

An intuitive mind can’t sit in isolation. It feeds off of energetic stimulation in the body, mind and spirit.

3 Powerful ways to break free from stuck behavior and into intuition.

1.Escape from your daily routine. Acknowledge that you’re stuck. Become aware you’re in a rut so you can actively solve it. It’s time to get up and do something different. Take a different route, head in a new direction or add in a new hobby to pursue. Make it a fun project to solve instead of staying in the same spot.

2.Move the mind into the body to feel more. It’s so easy to let thoughts run in the mind over and over and over again. If the same thoughts burn you out, move into the body to feel more. Dance, walk, stretch and get into feeling more and thinking less. Activate the body and give the mind a rest.

3.Incorporate all your senses into experiences. Find activities that offer full sensory experiences. If you’re feeling stuck and in an area in the body, find a way to shift into another direction to shake it off to switch up your energy. Integrating the body, mind and spirit by following those little nudges of inspiration. More intuitive insights will come.

Awareness is a powerful key. When we’re honest about not liking our situation or circumstances, we’re able to shift and make the changes we need.

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