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#40 Spiritual Wealth

Spiritual wealth is knowing yourself and the value you carry in the world. 

It’s being connected to something greater in the universe. It’s having an internal pilot light activated that fuels everything else in your life. And that ripples out results in creating material wealth.

It’s not about attracting money. 

It’s doing what excites you, putting thoughtful intentions in the work and transforming a simple desire into a new found wealth. Even better if it can help serve a group of people.

Spiritual wealth is the most important aspect to real wealth to feel truly abundant. It’s the abundance of an inner state being rich with a deep connection to self. 

The best relationship that we can construct with ourselves is centered around deep compassion and a commitment to growth. 

What is built internally will manifest (make into material) in the external world.

There’s a developed proficiency in how to attain and maintain inner peace even when life gets rough.

While these qualities are invisible, they are the cornerstone to character building that breeds all other aspects of wealth.

Spiritual wealth is the internal buried treasure of golden nuggets we’ve excavated holding our truth and wisdom.

These golden nuggets of knowledge, when applied to all aspects of our lives, have no other choice but to exponentially increase.

Developing spiritual wealth is a daily practice.

I define Spiritual as being in ritual with spirit. Being in the act of engagement with one’s spirit while tapping into the universal source of life.

Using our purest essence of lifeforce, infused in the work we do and the lives we live is the missing ingredient between a boring life and one that’s illuminated.

Developing personal spiritual wealth is a consistent practice to cultivate purpose and meaning that creates higher levels of affluence.

It’s the ability to stand in integrity, create innovation and access deep intuition that ultimately translates it into material wealth.

How can we do this on a daily basis?


Meditations and invocation of a higher source. This one is a bit obvious but still worthy of being first. There are lots of ways to do both that work within your lifestyle and schedule. The point of this step is to set clear intentions daily and observe feedback around you and within you, to help navigate. It’s an important first step that starts you off in the right direction.

Honest reflections

Compassionately calling yourself out with the sole and soul purpose of betterment is the ultimate goal. Building integrity with yourself builds a solid foundation of trust so that you can take the necessary actions. And when you feel stuck, you have an honest conversation with yourself to understand why and adjust.


There’s no point of being enlightened if you aren’t going to act on it. Use these exquisite bits of knowledge to spring into action and cultivate more wealth. When mixed with observation and honest reflections, pivots can be made more precisely and effectively.

Having a rich internal world is worth more than gold. 

We live in a world where there’s a race to acquire all the material goods. We live in a modern society with every convenience beyond our wildest dreams. Yet, we still struggle with mental health and well-being. 

Taking time to go within becomes paramount in our ever-changing world. Build a new spiritual wealth for yourself and the world will benefit. 


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