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#39 Creativity produces love

Creativity is the springwell into the energetic frequency of love.

It’s on the same side of the coin, just at the other end. It’s the thread that connects to a frequency we’re all looking to access at one point or another.

In my practice and what I’ve reviewed in research studies is when we’re able to access and channel this specific stream of warm healing energy.

When we use it to funnel and process our emotions, we’re able to access the source of life itself into our being. And direct it through our hands and into creative pursuits that have never been done before.

We’re able to move to great heights and innovate on the solutions for ourselves and the world around us.

We slip into this cosmic womb that is our creative and imaginative state of being.

Both active in the mind and body, using the unseen visions in our psyche to craft and mold them out into the world, becomes an act of divinity.

All throughout human history, as far back as the first recordings, there is a clear notion that humans were created with an element of a God-essence within them.

There has always been an understanding that it’s our duty and purpose to walk this earth and bring into fruition the insights that have been given to us from the ethers.

Yet, as we continue building our modern society, we tend to think these ideas are outdated and useless.

While mental health issues are on the rise and our connections to communities and spiritual pursuits decrease, it seems obvious there is a correlation to one another.

My goal here is to explain ways to connect to this universal life force of energy so that you can use it to channel vitality throughout your body and into the world.

These benefits promote wellness in all areas of the mind, body and spirit. And it allows unexpressed emotions to come to the surface in a safe and mindful way to transmute them.

Meditative steps to connect to your creative source of life.

1. Center and ground.

We use this technique in energy healing. Center yourself by calling back all your energy to yourself, especially in any thoughts that are elsewhere. Imagine a golden cord of light, moving through your body to the center of the earth and pulling that solid grounding energy up.

2. Connect to your heart space.

Next, imagine this same life force coming down from the cosmos and engulfing your heart space. Gently moving into that area and filling you up with compassion. Feel the energy move throughout your body and your cheeks rise with heat.

3. Sit in stillness.

Feel what wants to come forth and use any means to capture that emotion somewhere through writing, a small doodle, a craft project or anything that you’re called to create. Let the emotions flow whatever they will be while maintaining a heart-centered connection to the full experience.

Creative endeavors allow us to channel our emotions and energy into healthy areas of our life.

Learning how to alchemize tough emotions converts any fragmented energy into one of love.

Reconnect to a radical self-love movement through the vehicle of creative expression. And let the vitality of the life force move through you for full empowerment.

Spark your passion within by using your inspiration in an imaginative way to invoke feelings of buried tender emotions so they can be released.

Master how to move energy through the body and you’ll give yourself a gift of renewed life.

Open a channel of communication with the divine. Keep it open to have a floodgate of ideas that transpire through your mind, eyes, voice, heart and hands and out into the world.

Nurture this creative channel on a daily basis. Understand the important role of being the creator and shaping our lives around our keen expression.

Bringing ideas to the surface exhibits self-worth. When we respect our insights by giving them space to grow, our awareness of self and the contribution we make deepens our value.

Channel love through creative expression

Meditation and gratitude helps focus you to tap into the source of life and harness it into your energetic system to regenerate the flow of energy.

By learning how to listen and follow those intuitive nudges, you can easily become a channel for creativity and connect to a higher power in the universe.

May the light within you shine bright and have a ripple effect out in the world.

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