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#38 Step into new opportunities

One of the biggest lessons I still get to learn is how to move into new opportunities.

It seems with so much change happening around us, we’re reassessing what’s important in our lives and where we want to take them.

In understanding new opportunities, our first challenge is to recognize them.

We recognize them because we already know what we want and can easily identify them when they cross our path.

The second is to take action and step into it. Probably one of the hardest steps to take. It requires us to trust ourselves so that we can trek into new territories. Harnessing those feelings of anticipation without moving into anxiety.

It sounds simple, but even when we see them, we can still hesitate. We asked for something. It arrives, yet we pause instead of moving toward it.

I was at an event a few weeks ago with opportunities at every turn. Some I’m grateful I had and others I’m sorry I didn't explore.

Looking back, I stayed a little too long in my comfort zone, and missed a couple opportunities that I won’t get back.

That’s life, learning how to quickly discern along the way and knowing when to execute and maneuver through the twists and turns of the moment.

I had to painfully realize the price of passivity is too expensive to incur anymore.

Without taking these lessons seriously, we’re bound to recreate them again and again until we get it right.

Instead, we have to learn how to motivate ourselves and head towards new experiences.

We should push a little harder.

We have to ask for what we want and go for it.

We need to live for ourselves and not worry about others while compromising ourselves.

We have to know how to make the right decisions that are always in alignment with our heart and mind. And how to tune into each day, so we can set our gaze in the right direction.

Mistakes are part of the process.

There’s no other way to effectively learn without an element of failure.

But we must gather the lesson so we can move to the next level.

Step into the next opportunity with grace and gratitude.

The pursuit of personal happiness is knowing what the heart wants and tasking the mind to fetch it.

So we can pluck our harvest of health, wealth, knowledge and wisdom, love and joy. And feeling satisfied with the life we’ve led.

Use this affirmation to bring in the best opportunities for your highest good.

“Infinite spirit, thank you for opening the way for my greatest abundance. Thank you for making me an irresistible magnet for all that belongs to me by Divine Right. Thank you for helping me step into new opportunities with grace and dignity.”

Step into new opportunities by creating them.

Find something that interests you and pursue it. Don’t overthink it or what would result from it. If there’s something that brings you joy or resonates with you, jump into it.

Decide each day what you want to unfold and hold the vision. See it in your mind’s eye and focus your actions towards that depiction.

Prepare for the opportunities ahead, even if you can’t see them yet.

Leap into new experiences that get you closer to what you want. even if you don’t feel ready.

We’re the only ones that truly hold ourselves back. We know this and yet it's easy to hesitate when something seems too good to be true.

Even if you don’t feel ready, do it anyway. Be the captain of your ship and carve your own path.

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