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#37 Build Roads, Create Wealth

“Build roads, create wealth” came to me during a mediation session. I’ve never heard of the phrase before, but assumed it was in regards to business. Build the roads to drive traffic to the work I provide. Pretty simple assumption.

I looked up the phrase to see if it had any roots.

Turns out it’s a Chinese proverb, “If you want to be wealthy, build roads first”. And China has done just that, building one the largest highway networks in the world.

The phrase kept coming into my mind. Build the roads to create wealth. It was forcing me to take another look at this proverb metaphorically, to see how I could apply it to my creative life.

In looking further, it becomes a clear map to building personal wealth where all roads lead back to the source of the inner heart.

Using that strong energy center to connect with the source of life produces an endless supply of vitality and creative inspiration.

That same source of energy allows us to recover from stress and burnout.

That same source of energy offers rejuvenation and resilience.

There are many ways to flow energy through the body, through many energy centers.

I’ve heard profound healers discuss a new perspective of where the main energy source has shifted up in the body to the heart.

The power source was originally thought to come through the solar plexus, the gut, as the main access to the power of the universe and into self.

The solar plexus is still a powerful source to leverage. As we move into a more open-hearted consciousness, that power center has again shifted up.

So how can you start to build these inner roads and tap into the epicenter of the source of life?

How could there be more systems in place to advance your progress faster?

How are you constructing the pathways in your life to build the abundance you want?

What conditions are these “roads” that are being built on? Are they sturdy enough to last a lifetime? Or is the gravel so loose that it could cave out and disintegrate?

What bridges can be built to close any old gaps?

How are the networks of our communication? How are these tunnels expanding out for growth?

And most importantly, what wealth do you want to create in the first place? If you don’t know what that wealth looks like, how are you going to build the roads to get there?

Pathways into the heart.

To think about building inner wealth and the right inroads into the center of you, clearly define what you want and let that navigate you towards your wealth.

Here, wealth implies what is beyond coins. It’s health, joy, support, love, confidence, spirituality and all the other ingredients that make life extraordinary.

Once it’s clear what you want, and you’ve already decided what’s best for you in your highest, good, knowing what paths to take will be easier.

The work is then to clear the pathway and move through any roadblocks to keep moving forward.

Making these pathways accessible to achieving a deeper level of fulfillment and making way for more, if you desire.

In life, some paths work out and some don’t, but either way you become a more experienced builder.

Quick trials and errors are needed to explore, experiment and excavate in the right directions.

Why is this important?

Because we need to learn how to harness that energetic flow and direct it in the right ways with the right intention.

Here are a few ways to build inner roads to the heart and increase inner wealth.

1. Map out an energetic vision of where you want to head.

Get a sense of what it feels like to have it around you. Really feel it in the heart center and let it permeate outward. You can’t rely solely on a vision. When it translates into the material world, it’s going to look a little different, but you’ll know when it feels right. This becomes a navigation tool to know where to play those pathways.

2. Narrow down and decide what will bring you the most fulfillment and joy.

Move directly towards it. Cut out anything that doesn’t meet the criteria. Say no with deliberate confidence. Soon you’ll see that there are many pathways to take. Focus and harness your energy in a few solid directions to make the most out of your time.

3. Spot distractions when they arise.

Stalling, pausing and creating too many options will fizzle out your energy and nothing will get accomplished. Take breaks when needed and rise up to see the bird’s eye view of what you’re constructing.

We get this one life path to live that has these unique circumstances structured together.

What roads will you build to create the true wealth that you desire?


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