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#19 Everything is an inside job

Purpose is acting with intention, not dictating it.

Dreams, goals, desires, fantasies, wishes and ambitions are those sweet thoughts that entice us to move forward. But in reality, it’s the day-to-day layering of activities and attitudes that will ultimately dictate our results.

We want big things to happen, we want small things to happen, we want peace, we want love, we want excitement and abundance. We want to have meaning in our lives and feel there’s a sense of purpose to what we do.

Building upon daily activities strengthens our tolerance and stamina for the long haul instead of fast sprints. It’s how humans are constructed. Yet, it’s our mental state that can be our champion or our nemesis. Whatever we’ve decided or perceived to be the outcome, will be the outcome.

If our daily activities have an intention behind it, these actions will inherently become our purpose. Over time, shaped and twisted through habits made daily, our progress and results will be clear. It may be different than what we thought when we first started. And somehow we’ll hold so much more wisdom for going through the journey.

What does any of this mean?

You can do anything and everything you want. Over time with practice, patience and persistence, life will transform in front of you. Because you took the daily steps towards it.

Everything is an inside job.

Making new experiences in life is hard. We need challenges and new adventures so we can enjoy life at new levels. All change starts in the mind, a small clear thought to take a slightly different action than before.

“From a little spark may burst a flame.” — Dante

One degree of change has an immense impact.

If we can get better at knowing what our intentions are, we’ll get better at placing our attention and focus on the right things. It’s easy to get caught up in daily life and get distracted by things. We need mental breaks and time-outs. And we need the skills to jump back into what we’re focusing on.

Learning how to negotiate and balance out the mental thoughts is going to be life-saving when complex decisions rise up. May we be so lucky to have all the good options to choose from. But that could also cause longer deliberation. Back to intentions and aligning with what actions are in alignment with what we want.

Everything is an inside job.

2 ways to program your mind

1. Visualize - Stay on track by being clear what the next day holds. Think through the steps you want to take the next day. From the moment that you rise up to the end of the day, where would you want to keep focused attention? By doing this, when distractions come up, you’ll have already mapped out a plan on what that ideal looked like, to slide back into.

2. Visualize with actions - Continue on the momentum with a daily commitment

to shift by one degree a little different, a little more engaged, a little extra effort. Continue to visualize each day. As you start to accomplish micro tasks, big endeavors seem possible because we can see all the micro steps to get there.

A year from now, life will look and feel different because of the intentions placed on it. If you fall out of alignment, recognize it and get right back into the momentum.

Everything is possible with one step at a time.

Where can we find that point and push the edges of comfort while not exerting more than needed? Sometimes we push ourselves to prove we can do it, but it may hinder us later on. If we push too hard, we can easily burn out or cause new traumas.

If you fall over and get out of alignment and can recognize it, get right back into the groove.

“By disciplining and training the mind to focus on one thing, we gain control of perception; we learn to grab it and put it someplace we want it to be.” –Frederick Lenz


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