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Stop avoiding your inspirations

You keep getting your inspired ideas for a reason, here’s why.

One of the most euphoric feelings is to get inspired. To allow the mind to race with intriguing new thoughts about how you can do this, that and the other. And create something brand new.

You live and even thrive for insights and inspiration to drop down. Moments that become a catalyst spurring you forward into galloping action.

And then the dreaded feeling known as the valley of death hits. And those exact same thoughts now seem silly and almost pointless.

“What will people say when they see you creating this new thing?” 

Or, “what will they think when I’m trying to construct a new empire?”

And even worse, “Who do I think I am to do this?”

They’ll all surely laugh at you. “Of course, they will. They’ll see something I don’t and I’ll look like a failure to everyone.”

And you let that inner critic win. Again.

You get pulled back into the comfort zone and allow yourself to pass on those inspirations. Even though you see others doing similar things that you want to do. 

You even see your ideas out in the world and think, “It’s already been done. Why should I add one thing to what feels oversaturated?”

This is the place to stop. Stop right here. Pause and pivot.

“The ability to think creatively will be the most sought-after skill of the 21st century.” - Leonard Shlain, Neurosurgeon, Author, Artist.

I can’t stress this point enough. It’s vital that those ideas you get are acted on for your personal benefit and for the society you bring it into. 

In physics there’s an idea of collective consciousness. There’s a social construct associated with this term as well, but physics is more interesting.

Briefly, it’s the understanding that we all share a collective electromagnetic field of energy that holds information. We know energy can’t be created or destroyed, it can only change from one form to another, per Albert Einstein.

And as Leonard Shlain pointed out in his book, Art & Physics, he demonstrated over and over again how different groups of scientists were working together on new ideas and artists in other parts of the world were drawing them. 

This was happening at the same time, but the artists were able to depict the theories. At the time, neither of these groups knew each other but the same collective thinking was happening.

When ideas come to you, they are dropping into your consciousness to get them out into the world. You may not know why you get the inspiration or insight. You may wonder why it keeps nagging at you. 

I’m here to tell you that it’s here for a reason. You were cosmically tapped on the shoulder to bring it to light.

Here’s the warning. You’re not the only one that gets this. But you are the only one that can create this and bring it to life in your unique way. 

I believe when certain information is needed for the advancement of the whole, multiple people will get those guided insights. 

Why? Because only a handful of people will actually execute on them. And they’re needed for everyone to benefit. 

Your job isn’t to break down the how. When Picasso was painting in his Cubist style, he had no idea it was a pictorial representation of Einstein’s theory of relativity. 

Yet, each one was exploring space and time coincidentally in the same year and publishing work around the same time.

Stop avoiding your inspirations. They are gifts from the electromagnetic universe to be delivered to the world. 

Stop overthinking what comes to you. And start creating.

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