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#53 How to overcome limiting beliefs

Reprogram your mind during moments of fear and anxiety.

“Every person takes the limits of their own field of vision for the limits of the world.”  –Arthur Schopenhauer

What we believe becomes our truth. And our lens of perception paints our reality. 

However you were brought up, odds are that somewhere along the way certain beliefs were instilled in you to keep you safe. 

We’ve all had to learn how to get out of harm's way. And we later learn that even though we know how to stay safe, we still manage to get in our own way. 

It’s always caused by our limiting beliefs. And it’s reinforced by the emotions behind them. 

As adults, once we become aware of our deep resistance and that thread of fear that grips us, we can then start to shift.

Understand that what we believe is our truth. So if we think the process to change our beliefs is going to be hard, it will be. If we think this process will take forever. It will. 

So, let's set our approach that overcoming limiting beliefs is simple and effective. And it takes seconds to accomplish.

You can see in shifting those statements around, how much lighter the body can feel when we start to believe we can do something that works in our favor.  

As a creator of our destiny, we decide how we want to see the reality of our world. And we decide how we’re going to feel about it. Making this decision is life changing.

Step 1 : Acknowledge it

Some thoughts fly through the mind. While we’re minding our own business, thoughts of self-doubt pop up out of nowhere.

Things like:

I’m not good enough” or “I’ll never be successful

Whether it’s self-doubt, fear or anxious thoughts, if we can observe when they come in and pause. We’ve completed the first step.

As we become more aware, we have the ability to reprogram how we structure our thoughts. 

When we catch ourselves in the moment, and pause, we can then start to reframe those thoughts into powerful statements that work for us. Not against.

Again, what we believe becomes our truth. So let’s keep this process simple and effective. And let it only take seconds to accomplish.

When we take accountability for our thoughts, our actions get easier to make. Once we know how we want to replace one set of thinking into another, we’re moving towards personal success.

Step 2: Dig into the root cause of the thought

This activity happens at two different times. 

The first time is when you’re able to reflect on recurring thoughts. 

If you’re observing repetitive thoughts that bring you down, stay in observation mode and get into the origin of where this came from. 

This can get really deep because it’s shadow work. So take small steps. Most of the time our resistance is based on fear. Start by asking, “what am I really afraid of?”

And let’s continue with the earlier example “I’m not good enough” or “I’ll never be successful”.

So, aside from starting something new, and knowing that being a beginner might kinda suck, we should give ourselves grace. And with anything, it's just a matter of taking the time to practice that we’ll get better at it. 

So the statement “I’m not good enough” - is about how we perceive our value. 

I’m not good enough” is a sabotaging and fearful statement to keep us small. We do this so that we stay safe from getting hurt by being vulnerable or getting exposure.  

Let’s look at “I’ll never be successful”. This is another resistance statement to being anxious of our future successes or that we won’t be able to make our desires come true. 

Life happens and success is a vague word. So It’s all in how we define our success that becomes the most important aspect when we’re looking at shifting beliefs.

The second time is at the actual moment it comes up. This is where real alchemists do their best work, to transform one thing into another. Transform shadow into light. And we’ll get into that a little later.

Step 3: Reframe the old belief into a new one.

After you’re able to observe and reflect on recurring thoughts, start to reword them to be more empowering statements.

Keeping with the same two examples: 

Let’s turn around the statement “I’m not good enough” to something more empowering like:  

“I’m good enough to get started.” or 

“I’m good enough at this moment.” or “I’m good enough for myself.”

Come up with a statement that can elevate us and is realistic to where we’re at. 

To say that you’re the greatest in the world might only apply to a handful of people, like an athlete and can feel like an over exaggeration if we start there. 

We want to find statements that reframe our thoughts that we really believe and hold on to. Play around with these statements as they should apply to each situation instead of feeling forced.

Bonus Step 4  : Alchemize emotions

I know it can be challenging to change emotions, so let's break it down. The flip side of anxiety is anticipation. The flip side of fear is freedom.

When we get scared about any unknown, how we perceive that unknown will trigger our nervous system. If we can start to understand ourselves when that emotion pops ups, we can shift that potent energy a few degrees to the other side.

Fear and anxiety are very powerful energies. If we can slow down and observe what’s going on within us, we can convert that emotion, and redirect that energy to work for us. 

This is what a true alchemist does. They train themselves to observe, build awareness and decide to make a shift.

Again, what we believe is our truth. So if you keep this process simple, it will be effective. 

And once awareness of what is going on is clear, with practice it will only take a few seconds to accomplish. 

Repetition on reframing thoughts will replace the old into the new and will stay with you for the long haul.

This gets to be easy, if we allow it to be.


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