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#51 Diffuse burnout and get energized

Fill up your creative well with preventive care

By learning how to dissolve the onset feelings of frustration and burnout, we can start to alchemize our energy. It’s a way to replenish ourselves back to our natural state of being. 

Fatigue and irritability take time to compound in the body. And when we dismiss the signs of what our body is telling us, it’s easy to fall into a burnout trap. We’re so used to hustling and grinding in our day-to-day routines that we start to avoid giving attention to the parts of us that are aching.

When we start to feel blocked, there are easy methods to shake out of that energy. But when we don’t take care of that feeling or keep too narrow of a focus, we’ll eventually hit high levels of exhaustion. 

When this type of exhaustion hits, it can take way too long to bounce back from. And it becomes hard to pin down the specific area that needs resolution.

Breaking out of habits is not an easy task. When we find routines that work, we want to stick with them. And when the call for change arises, we have a tendency to be stubborn and not want to budge.

Even though there’s something inside of us that is nagging us to rest or slow down, we’re determined to prove something to ourselves by pushing forward.

If we’re honest with ourselves when the signs appear, then we’re at an advantage to be more preventive in our care. Knowing our signs is half the battle of prevention. And taking action to create real self-care is our most potent cure.

Here are 4 main signs that burnout is around the corner.

  1. Procrastination. This one is a bit tricky as creatives like to use procrastination as a method to drive adrenaline against a deadline. It’s when procrastination lingers too long and it’s way too difficult to motivate yourself, then this might be an early sign that burnout is near.

  1. Constant Stress. In some cases and in small doses, stress is helpful to push us to get things done and take action. But having constant stress is a huge sign to take seriously. It’s the cause of all illness (along with our mental state) and needs to be remedied quickly.  

  2. Bad vices. We all need to decompress and release pressures of the day, but how we go about that will dictate how healthy we are. This isn’t to judge anyone, it's a self-evaluation of when a vice becomes a bad habit. When we use anything to numb or avoid something, it’s not a healthy choice.

  3. Frustrated. When levels of frustration and irritability stay around semi- permanently, it’s time to consider the environment you’re in. When everyone around you is annoying and they don’t get it, it’s a sign that things aren’t working the way they should be.

If the signs are pointing to burnout and a self-assessment is nudging you to relax, it's time to shift into preventive care. There are a few key ways to turn this around. With a goal to break the cycle and get back into a healthier way of living. 

Here are a few simple strategies to work with to pivot a burnout into a breakthrough. Start with a simple approach to reduce complications and feel more successful.

  1. Take the right kind of break. Rest is important, but it’s the type of rest that will be a game changer. We want to rejuvenate and restore our energy. Otherwise, if we’re still mentally focused on any frustrations, we didn’t accomplish much. Learn how to effectively check out while replenishing your energy.

  2. Carve out time for reflection. Journaling is the best way to start this off. I’ve given this advice to many people and it’s always interesting to see who quickly dismisses it. Here’s the deal, if you don’t have data on yourself and become a priority, you’ll be lost. You have to know who you really are to give yourself the right type of care. Carve out the time to assess what matters most to you and honestly evaluate what needs to change.

  3. Document past wins. Keep a list of things you’ve accomplished. Small things that were tiny wins that can remind yourself of what you’ve completed. It’s a form of abundance, gratitude and a way out of a dark tunnel to remind yourself of past victories. Did you get that job? Follow a recipe? Plan a trip? Take care of an animal? Pave a pathway of successes to remind you that even when moments were hard, you survived them. And ultimately this will cause you to thrive again.

  4. Start a completely new and different hobby. If life is feeling burnt out, you might be doing too much of the same thing. Find a completely new, different and hopefully exciting hobby to re-spark your interest in life. What interests you? What topics do you like to dive into? Not sure, take a look online or go to a local bookstore and wander until something grabs your attention.

We don’t have to settle for a burnt out life. If we stay connected and committed to knowing ourselves, then preventive care is a radical act of self-love.

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