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#48 The Creative Flow: Cultivating Intuition

Cultivating Intuition in Your Artistry: 5 ways to develop it further.

“All great achievements of science must start from intuitive knowledge. At times I feel certain I am right while not knowing the reason.” - Albert Einstein

We’ve all experienced a deep sense of knowing at some point in our lives when we know for certain that something is true, even when information is unknown or unavailable for us to make a decision.

And even though we know for certain what we feel, we’ve been conditioned to dismiss it, over-think it and even worse, doubt what we feel and debate with ourselves if we should even follow that intuitive knowing.

It’s hard for us to understand what our intuition is because nobody taught it to us. Unless you’re one of the few lucky individuals that had a caring mentor growing up to help you navigate that internal world. It usually takes time and hard life lessons to reveal the wisdom inside of you that was there all along. 

There’s definitely value in learning first hand how to trust what intel you get from within. But there isn't enough conversation about this intuitive landscape, especially when it comes to innovating your life and work.

The spiritual community understands the value of intuition, always telling you to follow it, but when are you ever taught how to? You’re left to your own devices trying to figure out what’s what. 

I want to develop a deeper conversation with you so that we’re all building life from a place of certainty and not from a place of scarcity.

There’s a lot more to intuition and utilizing it in a powerful way. It’s hard for science to test and measure this skill set because it’s so dependent on the experiences of each individual.

There have been studies done with ER nurses to business leaders when there’s limited data available. And in those cases, intuiting is more accurate in solving the problem.

We’ve heard plenty of prominent business leaders talk about using their intuition all the time when making decisions. And when we see successful people talking about this and how they’ve used it in business, we nod our head and say “yes of course that’s what you do.”

But when we’re on our own, and we haven’t practiced that skill, it’s really easy to wobble. Mostly because the information either goes against our logical mind, it battles our inner critic or we just dismiss it to do it later.

Intuition becomes the first step into innovation. And intuition is the companion to observation. It’s through the active resting of the mind, that insights can reveal themselves uninterrupted. 

It’s how we can piece together new things. And it becomes a potent superpower worth the time to cultivate.

Intuition is not your imagination. 

Imagination is something that you would have to construct together, like a fantasy. You have to decide where the environment is going to take place, who’s in the scene, what is everyone doing and saying. 

There’s a subtle level of effort involved. This is similar to manifesting, when we want to dictate what we want something to look like or how we want to happen. This is not intuition.

Gut instincts are not quite the same as intuitive knowing.

Intuition is not quite a gut instinct either, yet it’s very similar because it's an internal response. Gut instinct is more of a trigger emotion that carries a sharp message. Your gut is in the lower region of your body. It’s around your solar plexus and sacral chakras that deal with self esteem and personal power. 

Here we feel into our instincts, taking note of what could be a possible threat to us and protect ourselves from harm. Hence the understanding of instinct, which every animal has within them, but not all animals have intuition. 

Gut instincts require an actual feeling to take place in the body as a result of a situation or one that’s impending. In my opinion, this leans more into a clairsentient intuition, by having the ability to perceive emotional or psychic energy that is imperceptible to the five standard senses.

Here are five ways to deepen your intuition.

Practice these skills daily to cultivate a life you love.

1.Unwind to de-stress and build a sacred practice. 

Build time and space to hear the inner guidance. Distractions and multi-taking are quick killers of hearing anything of divine value. Over focusing on trying to hear this guidance only creates stress and anxiety trying to force a message to come through, when it can only be delivered in soft whispers when we’re grounded and in the moment.

Activities that help open your mind, even if you’re engaged in things, are driving in the car and focusing on the road but the mind is also open, washing dishes, gardening, doing laundry, going for a walk and other random acts that are repetitive and physical. These make space for guidance to drop in during quiet moments and peace of mind.

2. Follow that intuitive intelligence. The more you follow the guidance in the littlest ways, the more this guidance will come through in larger ways. Follow those nagging nudges to move forward, and the more you receive. 

We want to take those insights, and do something with it. Either continue to look for more clarification, compare it with critical thinking and analysis as a way to validate or confirm the information. Or even better, research what you get and let it lead you down a new path.

Intuition gives you ways to explore further. Then data becomes useful in confirming these right actions.

3. Practice compassion without attachment. Having empathy gives us the ability to recognize when someone else is having an emotional experience underneath the surface without taking on that emotion.

Being able to read a room and infer when something is happening in a situation builds our intuitive intelligence. It opens our heart and it allows for more information to surface in the intuitive mind so that we can relate on a deeper level.

4. Being present and fully aware in the moment. 

Mindfulness goes a long way. It’s usually in the in-between spaces of what people are not saying that we can get the most information. Tonality as well as non-verbal gestures with others allows us to observe tiny details and gather more insights that we would normally not pick up on.

Be mindful that you’re observing people without projecting an agenda on them. Projection has no place and it sets you back further. This is important with any personal relationships as well as colleagues, clients and customers.

5. Be creative with the things you want to create for you. Turns out that creativity and intuition go hand and hand. They need to be nurtured together as one invites the other in. For us to create something that is meaningful, we want to use our intuitive nature. And by following our intuitive nudges, we end up creating something wonderful.

It’s best to have creative projects that are for you and only for you, without any client feedback or deadlines associated with them, to reap the full benefits of this practice.

Leverage these steps

You’ll start to slip into an active meditative state and increase your natural biorhythms which promotes health and wellness in the body. And we like that.

So many great leaders have acknowledged trusting and acting on their intuition. It’s a skill that takes time to cultivate each and every day. Learn to listen to that internal advice to develop your intuitive intelligence and then use the logical mind to bring it into the world and make it a reality.

We tend to forget that we’re creators, each one of us has the capacity and capability to build a life that we want. Especially in this new era and it’s knowing how to handle that reptilian fear, push it to the side and get on with living your dreams.

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