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#46 The philosophy of going within

Anxiety is on the rise, here’s why.

Today, more than ever, we’re surrounded by apps that help us save time by scheduling our days. We have all the ways to build an easier, faster  and more convenient life  than ever before. 

There isn’t one thing that couldn’t be delivered to your front door. If you can imagine, it could probably be delivered to you within 24 hrs. 

We’re able to get practically anything on demand. And we have access to one the largest online libraries of information available to us in the history of humanity. 

Yet, if we look at the statistics, we see that there’s been an increase in anxiety and depression. Yes, the pandemic had a tremendous influence on our lives. 

But that increase was rising before 2020 and even though we’ve been able to get back to some sense of normalcy, that rise continues.


How is it possible that we’ve built a society offering us more convenience that allows us more free time, yet we’ve become borderline manic about how to use that extra time?

We’ve catapulted into movements geared towards more individualism. We thought breaking free from traditional norms was the answer. Demanding that we get accepted for carving our own path. Yet, we’ve discarded the support of communities to support us as we develop ourselves.

Sure, micro subcultures have formed by the ways of online groups to assist in new people finding each other. But we’re still geographically separated and living individual lives and starting to see the effects of how we feel lost without guidance. 

We’ve dismissed traditional institutions and replaced them with online communities hoping they’d fulfill us just the same. While technology has led to some great advancements to connect people together, we feel even more isolated and disconnected, especially from ourselves. 

We’ve lost touch with ways on how to connect to our sense of self on a deeper level.

With so much convenience at our fingertips, we’ve become delusional in thinking that we no longer have to put in as much effort into knowing ourselves. 

We’ll wait for an expert to tell us what to do or how to feel, or an app to remind us to get up a move. We’ve leaned on our devices instead of trusting our instincts to take the right actions.

We’re supposed to learn from studies about ways of better self-development, but if we don’t apply that knowledge, we lose our wisdom.

We no longer have to think for ourselves, since we have a mini computer to do it for us. We’ve forgotten how to take the time to investigate within ourselves and figure it out first. 

In the process, we’ve managed to dumb ourselves down just a little bit. Not really needing to retain information because we’ve taken for granted the accessibility of having that information handy. 

Aristotle famously wrote, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” We not only need to know our own nature, we also need to know how our nature changes over time. That’s real self-growth and development. 

In order to do that, we have to have constant internal check-ins. Correct those long running out-dated mantras we tell ourselves that keep us in a rut. And the ability to stop making-up stories because we need to fill-in the blanks with a constant need to figure everything out. 

The AI movement is going to rapidly change our society and how we work within it.


I think it would be wise of us to double down and go within to really know our triggers, our needs and our deepest darkest desires. Otherwise, we’ll be more susceptible to being fooled by illusions. If we aren’t strong in our own sovereignty, we’ll get pushed over by external agendas and persuasive talking points. 

I’m making a plea with you to take the time to go within and know what you’re really made of. Recognize when you’re thinking negatively and learn how to course correct it.

Learn how to be honest with yourself and grow with it, instead of hiding from it. 

Pay attention to the signs around you and learn how to read them. What’s reflected in your environment and your reality is telling you volumes of where you’re at. It’s to offer you clarity on what’s in front of you. If you don’t like it, great. Change it to something more suited to your needs. 

Don’t be swayed by the glitz and glam. It’s already difficult to distinguish between the real and the fake. And it’s going to get worse. The only thing that will save you, is you knowing yourself and what is true for you.

Take account of what you feed your mind, both inner thoughts and external media. Understand the storyline you’re standing in and change it if you don’t like it. 

I created a journal dedicated to keeping a record specifically for this inner journey.

Document synchronicities and insights to refer back to. A way to reflect and remind yourself that miracles can happen and you didn’t make any of it up. 

This journal is a way to gather data on yourself, to reflect back on and use as a navigational tool. Everyday, we have to recalibrate our heart, mind and soul to the direction we want to head in. And not allow other agenda’s to pull us in the wrong direction. 

The only way to be an authority of your sovereignty is to go within. Take the time to evaluate that internal strength within. Push outside of your comfort zone. Only then will you know what you’re capable of. I promise, it’s much more than you think.

Here’s a breakdown of how the journal is set up.

Each day, there is an offered affirmation to meditate on, and three questions to ask throughout the day. These should only take you a few minutes at a time to pause and reflect.

Such as, “I receive with a grateful heart that is mine by Divine right.”

In the morning, ask yourself: “What is my intuitive guidance & intention for the day?”

Throughout the day, take notes on what you see and feel. Ask yourself; “What synchronicities have I noticed today?” that were in alignment with the intentions that I set.

And at the end of day, briefly reflect by asking yourself “What am I grateful for?” Especially when you see signs that validate intuition and offer answers to the intentions that you’ve earlier.

At the end of month, there are additional questions of reflection, releasing what no longer serves you and how to reposition yourself to start anew. 

Final thoughts on the philosophy of going within.

Fear is a gift. 

It’s a sexy illusion that we love to live with but holds back from everything. Fear is actually a mask sitting in front of our true self. When we know that, there really is nothing to fear. 

Fear is a mirage. 

Once you step towards that mirage, the deception fades aways and the clarity of your strength comes through.

Go within daily. Push yourself into the unknown and the uncomfortable to feel alive. 

Be the hero of your life you know you’re meant to be. And live a life worth talking about.

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