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#45 Build a life legacy

How do we start to build a legacy that has meaning?

There’s a momentum that’s recently started and will continue to happen over the next 10-20 years. We’re moving into a new evolution in humanity and technology. 

Every industry is almost guaranteed to change. And it’s hard to tell what exactly is going to change. Or even which way to go. 

That makes it a challenge to forecast where we should invest our time. If we should move and uproot or stay where we’ve always been. It felt easier before to visualize a new horizon and being able to predict trends to capitalize on.

Above all, there can be a nagging desire to leave a little piece of legacy in the world. Nothing grandiose, but a personal and significant mark in the world. We came, we saw and we served. And we added a piece of creativity into the fabric of society. 

What if we focused our actions today, that could build a life legacy we’re proud to leave behind?

The meaning of legacy is having a long-lasting impact. It can be events, actions or things that took place in the past, handed down to the present.

Most people assume legacy is inheritance and it takes the form of money. Legacy usually is a tangible item that others can hold on to as a keepsake. 

Build a life legacy that will benefit others and feel a sense of purpose. How can you create values, principles and actions that would be worth passing down?

Share your wisdom and let your legacy come from compassion and kindness. Pass along those well-earned lessons and insights. Start taking actions on those dreams to invite others into that purpose.

Start now. Don’t wait till the end of life and hope there's something of value to leave behind.

Lean into building a legacy that develops new meaning and purpose in your life. Allow this project to focus your attention on giving back to leave a lasting impression.


Create a leave-behind narrative that you’re in control of. Take the time to carve out a memorable piece that brings you and others a priceless heirloom.

Analyze who you are and the significance of your beliefs.

  1. Identify your standards and principles that have led you forward What standards do you continue to hold true? What principles have you found that made life easier to navigate? What life lessons did you learn the most from? What lessons had the biggest impact on you?

  2. Highlight possible benefits for future generations What did you wish you knew when you were younger? What would you like future generations to know or to remember about you? What do you stand for that people may not be aware of?  

  3. Core values What values do you continue to hold true? Which core values would you pass along to help others to live better? What family traditions could you continue on? How could your community grow from the wisdom you’ve gained?

  4. Special talents What special skills or knowledge would benefit others? What positive changes would you like to see in the world? What could you start now to hand off later? What could you teach others that is unique to you?

Suggestions to building a personal and lasting legacy:

Write a letter

Share lessons you’ve learned to leave behind to those close to you. Detail your thoughts of kindness on how others have impacted you. Express sentiments of deep gratitude for the love and support you’ve received over the years.

Heirlooms Make something tangible to pass down from generation to generation. Heirlooms are touching and personal keepsakes are cherished for years to come. The smallest things become the most sacred treasures.

Record a message Create a video to share pastime stories, family history and fun nostalgia. Record an audio version of those letters. Let people remember your voice and hear your laughter to memorialize yourself in the digital age.

Make a book Document family traditions, recipes, stories and knowledge. Collections of photos with detailed stories become timeless mementos. Share narratives and keep family or community histories alive. Create a lighthearted book around a topic that has brought you fulfillment.

Pass down a business

A business can create generational wealth and a strong legacy. Become a business mentor and transfer insights. Pass along the same leadership qualities and purpose you have started.

Anyway you choose to leave a legacy will be of benefit to someone around you. Know that the actions you take can create meaning in your life and those around you. 

No project is too big or small. Only measure what it has to offer. Sustain momentum by creating impact that will have influence in your circle. .

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