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#36 Stay motivated through resistance

Process any struggle by embracing where you are.

We love being on our motivational highs with feelings of wanting to conquer the world.

We deeply believe we can do anything that we set our minds to. And we absolutely can.

Then other feelings sneak in that stalls our push to move forward. And it can pull you down to a place that’s hard to shake those emotional low hits.

Feelings of low motivation and complacent rise up and we’re left trying to get back to those initial inspired sparks.

How can we pick ourselves back up and get going?

How can we transform those pieces of resistance into strides of motivation?

What de-motivates us to begin with?

There are lots of reasons why we feel blocked and unfulfilled. We have to check in and see if what we want to do is in alignment with where we’re headed with our goals.

When something truly matters to us, it gives us a sense of purpose that drives us to push through even when it’s difficult.

Document the patterns of your behavior

Self-awareness is a daily practice. We need to check in daily as over time we need to make adjustments as we change.

We may need to deepen our purpose and bribe ourselves with different rewards to focus. It’s okay. We learn who we are so we can keep going.

Nurture your nature and allow yourself to get what you need. If something isn’t working out right, accept it and move towards the solution you need.

Signs that pop up when our motivation is low and how to handle it.

1. Fear and resistance to something new. We want to change but the muscle memory isn’t there yet. We want to move forward but we get distracted instead. We have all the right intentions but there’s still resistance. We have to find the source of our intentions to advance forward.

2. High expectations lead to anxiety and worry.

When there’s an important task at hand, we place too much emphasis on the results and miss the opportunity of the journey. It’s easy to say not to worry, harder to achieve when too much is riding on our actions. Break down tasks into small and manageable pieces to reduce stress.

3. Aiming too far without short goals. Having big goals allows us to create a vision for our life. But having small attainable goals we can accomplish is a necessity to staying focused. We need to see some level progress on a regular basis to know if our efforts are on track. It creates a win to stay in the momentum.

4. Stalling on action leads to demotivation Having the right amount of things to do is a personal preference. If we find that boredom is settling in, it’s time to find something else to get you inspired again. Sometimes the best thing is to get into motion by literally moving the energy in your body.

5. Finding reasons why something won’t work

Life is hard, if we’re lucky we get to choose what kind of hard work we want to deal with. There are always problems and there are always solutions. If we only look at situations as problems and not problems to solve, we’ll get unenthusiastic in trying to figure it out. We have to know when excuses become an obstacle and turn it in our favor.

6. Lack enthusiasm because you're not challenged enough. Similarly to #4, this is a great sign to have because it’s easy to fix. Remember why you started in the first place and encourage yourself to push more into learning and growing. Challenge yourself more, there’s something bigger you want achieve.

7. Self-doubt and getting lost in the big picture.

Sometimes the visions we have for ourselves get so big they overwhelm us and cause us to doubt our abilities. When we remember our value and the worth we bring to the table, we get back into our purpose and the journey.

Stay motivated my friends. I know there are great things you’re here to give to the world.

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