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#34 Turn pain into purpose

Use fear and pain as a transformative agent to build on.

Learning new life lessons allows us to uncover boundaries that were hidden before.

Being able to spot this is an act of maturity as we understand what does and doesn’t matter to us.

Releasing the victimhood stories and rewriting them into a hero’s tale is power.

Understanding that sometimes we do need to feel pain in order to motivate ourselves out of the wrong situations. Otherwise, we’ll stay too long in an experience that will cause even more harm.

When we’re gripped by fear, it’s no joke. It’s a hard emotion to shake off when pain is around.

When we gain some hindsight and know that fear is a forceful silly emotion. It casts an illusion right in front of the exact thing that will liberate us.

Twisted game this life is. Knowing that the very things we should be doing to change our lives are also the same things that cause the greatest fear.

Without a sense of fear or pain point, we’d sit in stagnation. A different kind of hell to be in, the comfort zone. It gets old and boring.

We need challenges to push ourselves into a stronger and more refined character.

If we go and do the things that scare us, even the little ones, we become the courageous hero that used fear as motivation to pull it off.

And will feel like a superhero flying through the air. Invincible and ready to conquer anything.

Turn pain into purpose and discover what the essence of life really means to you. What really does matter with the time we have left?

Reflecting on pain makes us vulnerable and sensitive. But it’s also what has led us to this exact point in life.

Can you see how it’s shaped you for the better? Even if it’s still a sore spot, you’re wiser than you were before.

Can we accept what was and move forward?

Can we keep our heart open after the pain and move into our purpose?

The size of your purpose does not matter. We’re not going to measure it.

Purpose in life isn’t about doing something on a grand scale - it’s about living your truth. Doing what brings in joy, no matter what anyone has to say.

Let’s not try and save the entire world. We only need to save ourselves in the process. That alone will be the ripple effect we need to make a real difference.

Purpose is where you feel called to add meaning into your life. Sometimes it’s guided and other times it’s assigned. Sometimes it’s in the moment. Other times it is customary.

We are each responsible for the creation of our life. We either play the role of being the architect of our environment. Or we’re the player sitting on the bench waiting to be called in.

No one’s going to call you to play on the field. You have to jump in. That’s the game of life.

“You cannot wish for both strong character and an easy life. The price of each is the other.” –Alex Hormozi

Here are a few ways to reflect on past experiences that were painful to excavate the wisdom.

  1. What was the biggest takeaway from that experience?

  2. How does having this new information benefit you in the future?

  3. Are you able to transform the hurt into forgiveness by seeing those benefits?

  4. How has your perspective changed?

You’re a stronger person for going through what you did. You're a wiser human that carries more compassion than before. You're more knowledgeable about the conditions of life than you were before.

I know some of these painful experiences range and it still might be hard to look at. Take a few steps towards healing and mending the thoughts and emotions around the situations.

Can you start to see how some of that pain can turn into a more meaningful purpose?

How might this new insight transform into new actions in your personal life?

Is there a community that could benefit from your story or experience?

Is there something about it that could turn into a written story or a piece of art to express it?

Is there an organization for the same cause that you could support?

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