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#25 Spiritual Play

The act of moving universal life force through you to bring something new into this world is sacred.

Leonardo Da Vinci is world-famous for his paintings, architecture, engineering, topography and mechanical drawings. And his deep curiosity to perfect his art has benefited societies ever since. His unwavering dedication to his artistic drive would impact the world at an unimaginable magnitude he doubtfully could comprehend.

A notable contribution were his anatomical drawings. In a recent documentary “Decoding da Vinci” - Trudy Van Houten, an assistant professor of anatomy and neurobiology at the Boston University School of Medicine said, “His depictions of the human body were beautiful. And so accurate that we can actually use them to teach.”

It was over 500 years when the first sketches were made and they still hold value today. His anatomy notebooks were only recently discovered around 1900. At the same time, science was able to confirm the depths of the drawing's accuracy. It’s noted that Da Vinci dissected over 30 bodies with detailed medical sketches exploring every possible aspect of the body. Work that currently helps the academic world.

How does the great work of Leonardo Da Vinci have anything to do with my creative pursuits?

During Leonardo’s time, it may have seemed like a wild and strange request. But when the passionate creative spark mingles with an insatiable curiosity, just about anything feels possible. And that’s all it takes. Intermingling the divine with our inquisitive nature will stir up enough universal life force to jolt through us to take action. While setting off a string of life giving ah-ha moments.

It’s human nature to pursue intuitive sparks and bring them into the world.

The creative spark is a mystery. As mysterious as life itself. Hautely enticing us to create for the mere pleasure of it. And giving us room for our full expression with the ability to create meaning and purpose of our life.

“First, meditation, and then out of meditation comes creativity of its own accord.”

― Osho

Creativity is a spiritual act. One of meditation.

When we practice the act of creating, we’re in collaboration with spirit, the muses, all of our senses and the world around us. We’re in a heightened act of engagement that one can describe as being slightly intoxicated. It has a direct effect on our mood. And the benefits extend deep into our health and wellness, which have been scientifically proven.

Creativity is the heart and mind in alignment. Our intuitive nature partnered with our logical moves. It’s a soft flirtation with the unknown. It's a bold spiritual leap into life with full abandonment.

Creativity is an easy high to chase because it offers so much. Everytime.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

- Pablo Picasso

You. Are. Creative.

I promise, you are. I’ve met so many creatives hiding their identity, with secret side projects. It’s time to come out and unveil those ideas. You know the ones, like “if only I had time for” projects.

Creativity are simple acts of love performed throughout the day. Start with time. Give yourself a small amount of time to let yourself dream.

3 ways to add more creative playfulness in your life

Bring a new wave of creative energy into your life. Find meaning in the small things that bring you joy in the day.

1. Keep a small list.

Have a handy running list to carry around thoughts of things you wish you had a little extra time for. Something that is just for you to enjoy. What’s been on your mind lately? What sounds interesting to investigate further on?

2. Make routine into ritual.

Take any regular or ordinary routine and turn it into a small ritual to look forward to. Do you have a morning activity like making coffee or tea? Could you add a small intention or prayer to add to it and make it special? Take a new look at ordinary things we tend to take for granted and find a drop of joy in the process.

3. Go on a field trip.

Get out there and explore a new place. Become a tourist in your area or the neighborhood next door and move around with curiosity to get a new pair of lenses. Be open to letting tiny surprises come in and delight you.

What about those times when I’m not feeling inspired?

When you’re feeling blocked or stuck, it’s time to relax and then get bored. It's your system's way of navigating you into stillness. It sounds counterintuitive. Your being-ness always wanting to be in the cycle of creation.

When something feels blocked or stuck, another way to look at it is energy unrealized. A potential of motion that needs to be directed into an area. If we’re relaxed and slide into the beginning stages of boredom, insights have a place to land. You see, it’s through the opening of space and silence that divine visions can drop into the mind. We’re clearing out our mental stage for the muses to dance with their abundant inspirations.

"Real creativity comes only out of silence." Osho

Einstein, Darwin and Nietzsche all spent hours lost in their minds. Through long walks, playing music, thought experiments and daydreams for hours on end, they were able to conceptualize the complexity of scientific details of their work. Roughy a couple hours each day, these thinkers would consider this time of spaciousness required in their life.

Can you give yourself one hour each day to visualize, daydream and set goals and intentions. Take it a step further and sketch out what the mind wants to explore.

Capture what inspires you. Keep a notebook. Share it with the world.


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