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Grounding techniques to bring you into the present moment.

Techniques to apply during times of anxiety, stress, uncontrollable thoughts and disconnected from present reality.

“I am not fully healed, I am not fully wise, I am still on my way.  What matters is that I am moving forward.” - Yung Pueblo

Grounding is a term that is used throughout the healing world and medical practices to gently help those with recurring or negative thoughts, or any feelings of trauma such as PTSD, panice or high levels of anxiety. [1] Grounding is a way to bring the mind into focusing on the present moment through breathing and using all our senses to ground us into the now.

Why is grounding important?

The effects of grounding can happen immediately and have very positive benefits. Grounding is a great technique used in a healing session with clients in the beginning to help center them to the here and now and start to bring in their energetic state of being to the present.  Outside of a healing session, it can be a great coping mechanism to help gain more focused thoughts and control into an ever changing and upheaval in a world of emotions. Grounding is literally that, visualizing yourself connected to the core of the earth and pulling up that energetic vibration as a technique to help ground you into “the here and now”.  It’s a healing tool that can function and assess what needs to happen next for you. 

“All humans, including you are tuned to the natural harmonic frequency of the Earth. This idea is called Schumann resonance the same principle of Nikola Tesla’s electromagnetic understanding of the universe.” [2] “Schumann resonance amplifies the same frequency that allows humans to enter a state of creativity, relaxation, and visualization with alpha brain waves. That is why some consider that the sound of Schumann resonance at 7.83 Hz even heals the body.” [2]

“Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet” - Thich Nhat Hanh

What is grounding and how do you ground?

There are many great resources that talk about a multitude of ways that one can ground.  My favorite and the one I want to focus on here, is associated with earthing.  To visualize and connect and anchor to the core of earth here are a few things to keep in mind.  


Imagine that you have a cord, a material of your choosing, that runs from the center of your lower sternum to the core of the earth.  This material can be one of a physical natura, like a metal rod or a cord of light that runs from the base of my spine or comes from your feet and attaches to the core of the earth.  Let your imagination go and visualize what feels strong and solid to anchor down into the core of this deep substance.  Pull this energy up through the earth and imagine it coming up through your feet, your legs and up to a point in your body that feels comfortable.  Usually, my posture becomes more upright and my energy is pulled to the center, letting me expand open to be here now.  Experiment with how far up the body you want to take this energy.  The more unsettled you feel, the more I would suggest bringing it up through your entire body.


Go outside and put your bare feet on smooth soft earth, preferably soft dirt. This is also called earthing to balance and resonate your biometric rhythms to align with nature.  The frequency of the earth is the same as a human being, which is a recent discovery by a German physicist named Winfried Otto Schumann.  He found that both frequencies pulse at 7.83 Hz.  When we come in contact with the earth’s vibration, our bodies will naturally want to match this frequency and will bring our bodies back to a harmonious state. This method can take as little as 10 mins to feel the benefits of this natural phenomena.


If audio sounds are more preferred to change your frequency and help you find a natural rhythm, listen to the theta waves and binaural beats.  Find an audio recording of the 7.83 Hz to help facilitate resonance to match this vibration during your meditation sessions.  Here is a recommended video to hear this frequency.

What’s behind grounding during a healing session?

The vibrational frequency of one human to another can help to produce life promoting positive results with hands on or hands off the physical body. This channeled energy moves through and around the client’s body.  Also known as source energy of that which all life is created from, is directed through the healer to the client. It's the purest form of a traditional healing that helps connect the mind, body and spirit (soul) into better alignment and balance. These techniques simultaneously incorporate all the elements of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of each individual to help treat a variety of conditions in a holistic manner.

How will this technique benefit me?

First, this technique helps to promote health and harmony in the body. It helps to balance and calm the nervous system and reduce feelings of overwhelming emotions and anxiety. These therapies also help to empower and connect one back to one’s self.  While it’s always a personal journey of self-care and self-love that will bring us to a place of peace and happiness.  Sometimes we need a helping hand in creating deepest desires and fulfilling our needs. We just have to know how to listen to our body and follow the signs. We’re here to help you along your journey.  

Wishing you love and light along the way.

Dena Rae

Wisdom Healings

Intuitive Energy Healer 


  1. Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, PhD. PsyD. Written by Jessica Caporuscio. PharmD.  (2020). Grounding techniques: Step-by-step guide and methods



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