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Daydreams are pivotal to understanding our desires.

Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose. Bo Bennett

This article was channeled with Master Hilarion

Daydreams are a conscious manifestation of a reality that has not yet been brought into existence, but that we are close to holding in our hands. Daydreams are the playground to our psyche that hold our keys of consciousnesses to our deepest desires. They are pivotal in multiple ways, an indicator of factors that first let us know we are in a relaxed state of being to allow the mind to shift and float with ease of thoughts that trail into a brink of fantasy and dangle on the edge of reality.

How does one know the difference between a daydream and fantasy?

Great question! The lines are blurred and elements of both blurred and co-exist within each other. A daydream has a basis of reality, something that is plausible and yet ideal at the same time. Doing really well on a presentation, taking that dream vacation, making a little extra money or getting a bonus. It’s about wishful thinking that pushes our ordinary into a bit of extraordinary. Fantasy is something that is much more wild and utmost unattainable. Flying on dragons or being able to perform something of a great feat of action that would take many years of training to accomplish. Not at all impossible, but not immediate either.

Why is it important to daydream?

Two main reasons for this action. One is that our minds need a safe space to wander without our analytical over-critical mind jumping in to parent and wrangle each thought into oblivion, with nay-saying doubts and concerns or fears. Daydreams give us a moment of ease and rest to ponder on what wants to come from within out into the world. It’s an activity that relinques the burden of effort on planning and task mastering our way to a goal or an end destination. And rather it lets us dance with our desires and lets our hearts song rejoice at what could be.

The second main and most important reason for our consciousness to dream during our waking moments / hours is to build in vision of clarity for what we want. It is through this singular act that we can expand our consciousness further and wider into the depths of the unknown and start creating our own alchemy of life. It is this precise energy that we use and utilize to build our empires in the sky. It is through his continued act of visualizing with pure and deep hearted intentions that we funnel our true reality.

Does this make sense? Our daydreams are a spiritually guided pathm a roadmap, to navigate us closer to what we truly desire with the help of our energy and through source. Because we are in such a receptive state of being, in a highly relaxed, deeply in-tuned state of alignment, we are a direct signal to source, with source, in a true and deliberate co-creation of what will be in existence. This energy is highly intelligent as we all know. And it is there soft repetition of those thoughts that keep this cycle of energy alive. As we fine-tune, narrow in and replay this dream in its orchestrated dance, we are focusing on our highest intention with our soul’s desires with source, in alignment to bring in the final piece of manifestation. The mind becomes an important instrument in building and blossoming our consciousness to expand from non-physical to physical. Since all of everything is a mere vibration, it is only a matter (haha, see the pun there ) it is only a matter of time that these new vibrations set in motion throughout the day dreams will take hold, take shape and plant themselves into the density of this reality that you understand as the earth plane.

Where most individuals get emotionally twisted, frustrated, drought, upset, impatiocnet, the list goes on, is because they are bound by the concept of time. They have such a limited understanding in the first place of how these vibrations frequencies work and when they do get a grasp on them, they were that dream to be her the moment they snap their fingers, and it just doesn’t work that way. When they force the dream, it shifts the vibration into another state and warps the dimensions it was created in. Here’s an example, imagine blowing a bubble, a huge delicate beautiful and bumble in the air. And because it's so beautiful and big and you want to hold on so quickly, you reach out for it and just like that it bursts. Now I know that the shelf life of a bubble is short, but the delicacy of a daydream has the same quality as its being constructed and built. It needs an incubation period to gestate and cultivate into the right form.

Daydreaming holds directions to the next phase of life.

These lucid daydreams are pure insights of inspiration to pursue into and onto your path. If you’re feeling the thoughts..”wouldn't it be nice to… wouldn't it be neet to…i wish i could do that…” and you let you mind wandering into new arenas of thought and industry to see if that would feel like something you would need in your life. And when these daydreams start to seep into real life, you’ll know when you start to see signs pop up. It could be a literal signe, or overhearing someone say something or reference it, finding an article or some bit of new information that was already on your mind. This is how you know that the universe is answering your daydream. It is the beginning of your maindestion into the material with something new. It takes eit steep by step and guides you along the way. Why? So you can continue to choose it. You have free will and you are a co-creator. Each step gives you new ways to greet the invitation, feel it, feel and see what you like and what you want to change. Each step is a modeling stone - each step is molded towards what you are vibrating with attractions in or repelling away. If it came to you all at once, it would be overwhelming and too much to deal with, that you’d probably leave it. This act of daydreaming is a way to keep you in a clear alignment, with your desires and lets you bring it into the mainfeationd moulding what you desire.

“A man who does not dream, has no hope. A man who has no hope is dead” Archangel Sandalphon

This portion was channeled from Archangel Sandalphon

Daydreams are inspirational divine sparks

To see your own divine spark is in itself a thing of beauty. Each daydream, each bit of insight and inspiration into what could be is a droplet of golden light that shines its way down on you lighting the path of the unknown into the known. It's not as important to see the entire path, that really doesn’t matter because the path only exists when you bring it into your consciousness. Until then it is only potential matter waiting in the wings to be constructed and laid before your feet. It's pointless to see the end of the journey because there is no end, only a vast see of the infinite universe. It’s only important to see these droplets of golden light raining down on you, to grab them and shine its light upon your path as you move one step in front of the (torah) other to light your way. Some insights of inspiration are larger than others, this is true that they can cast illumination into a perceived future but it almost always looks different than what you had imagined. They are different in their material once you bring something down into the plane of existence. It’s like looking at a star and then trying to hold it in your hand. As you move closer to it, the perspective shifts, and it’s reality moving into yours changes as it (both) merges together. By bringing these two elements closer together, can you see how reality shifts? So are daydreams when brought into reality. Neither is good nor bad, they just are at different realities of creation. And that is why the journey is the only important thing. The journey is what you create, not the end goal.

Dena Rae

Wisdom Healings

Intuitive Energy Healer


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