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The benefits of energy therapies help to promote wellness.

“You can’t afford to get sick, and you can’t depend on the present health care system to keep you well. It’s up to you to protect and maintain your body’s innate capacity for health and healing by making the right choices in how you live.” Dr. Andrew Weil, MD 

Energy therapies, also known as energy medicine, use the principles from many traditions. These therapies use hands in motions to move energy through the body. And these techniques have been with us for thousands of years. Today, we call it energy medicine such as a modality like Healing Touch.

Why is this important today?

We’re now understanding that our mental and emotional state is a more realistic result of our full being. Everything we put into our bodies manifests. When we can see that full picture, we can create a holistic image of our true health conditions. Holistic health is an amalgamation of mind, body and spirit, connected as one. We should no longer think of these elements as separate.  How we choose to live and perceive our life has a clear and direct result in how well we actually are. And how well our physical body is functioning.

How can an energy healing session help me?

The benefits at first may feel gentle and subtle. Over time, they surmount to a more opened and balanced state of being.  These gentle and non-invasive techniques support your energetic being into a harmonious state.  And it's an alternative way to connect yourself to the universal energy available to us.  It’s an opportunity to remove feelings of stagnate energy. To stop struggling and wrestling with these blocked feelings and move forward.  It’s a way to feel a warm and unconditional loving space. By activating your vibrational force of energy, the body is able to rest, repair and heal.  It’s a time for needed self-love and caring. A time-out of our busy schedules and a moment to dedicate and focus on the art of being and relaxing.

“The body is a self-healing organism, so it’s really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself.” Barbara Brennan

What are the benefits of energy medicine to helping me heal?

An energetic wellness routine has a wide range of advantages. By incorporating all aspects of your state of being, everything gets addressed. The physical body, mental clarity, spiritual connection and emotional balance are present. Healing at this state, focuses on where you are today and where you want to be. What your short wins look like and well as your long term goals.

Relaxing. One of the biggest enjoyments is giving yourself a quiet moment and relax, to let go and be in a full state of peace. Studies have found that between 75%-90% of primary care visits have been linked to the effects of stress [1]. By retreating into a restful state, the body will start to heal on its own. Tissues and cells get too soak in the moments to breathe. Organs and glands recuperate by balancing and correcting to its proper function. With intention, these techniques, like Healing Touch, aid in stillness and decompression. [2] With too much on our minds caused by stress and lack of quality sleep, it’s essential to create restful moments.

Processing. We are always absorbing emotions around us. With too many emotions, life becomes overwhelming to comprehend. We may tuck them down and avert our attention elsewhere to cope. When those emotions don’t get processed, they have a stored memory in the body. These emotions get stuck and begin to create road blocks from us moving forward.

Release. Once relaxed, being able to process our thoughts and emotions. It allows us to be and feel whatever comes up for review. Once we identify, we can give permission to release old patterns and belief systems. Those tangled up feeling smooth out and our dense energy starts to dissipate and lighten.

Cleanse. Through subtle breathing and deep relaxation, the body starts to cleans out toxins. While cleaning toxins, the body is also gaining strength in the immune system.

Establish Connection. A great way to promote self love through self care is through connection to spirit. A way to raise the vibrational frequency within to a state of love and energizing your being. Building a stronger connection with yourself, spirit and higher self.

Flow. Letting energy flow throughout the body to invigorate and enhance movements. Clearing and cleaning away debris, that can assist in feeling uplifted and energized.

Empowerment. Feeling of empowerment by getting to know yourself in a deeper way and to see a healthier version of oneself. Self-care and self-love is a personal journey that will bring a place of peace and happiness. It’s usually when we aren’t listening to our deepest desires and needs, that life tends to go awry. This will help to bring out the best in yourself.

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