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Open Heart

Standing across from you, with you, heart wide open, arms stretched as far out as the horizon reaches, I can fully see who you are, and who I am, for you are a sweet reflection of myself in another form.  

Standing together as one, yet only separated by the space we occupy.  Shimmering white lights dance across you, so playful and delicate. Like your soft soul, a balance of light nestles against the folds of darkened shadows, showing us complete and whole.

Standing there, you hold what becomes my own reverberating illumination.  Those pieces of you that know how to shine, flickering among the indiscernible soft murky folds, which temporarily have a hold on us.  Those fuzzy edges, blurring our borders and playfully challenging us to see one another and to understand our true depths of nature.  

Heart wide open, we move through our pleasurably narrow dance, together yet apart, swiftly moving through our routines with one another, taking life one tiny step at a time, swaying this way and that, finding out what is yours, what is mine and what is ours.  

Standing there, standing always with our hearts wide open.

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