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Client Testimonials


"You're AMAZING!

Feeling great and having a magical day today... slept well & in meditation today felt a continuation of last night's work - which is exciting in itself...its like the experience 'trained' me how to receive on a deeper level. That was truly a mind blowingly awesome experience/healing session with you last night. You really created and held sacred space for such a profound level of healing I'm still wrapping my heart around it. Namaste Sistar.”



"My session with Dena was SO helpful.

The way she explains what she intuitively receives in the reading is easy to understand. She is kind, loving, open and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend you add Dena to your list of helpful guides, in exploring your inner journey.”



“I have been an avid seeker of alternative healing modalities for the last decade;

it was a no brainer that I'd be excited to try healing touch with Dena! Each session I have done has given me a deep sense of relaxation and a huge dose of nourishment. With all of life's chaos constantly happening, creating time in my schedule to do a self-care activity is of utmost importance to me and my way of life. Healing Touch is a perfect way to not only treat yourself to some self-care but to also realign with your intentions and personal goals."



"Dena is a wonderful healer.

She has a gentle touch in person and also just as effective in distance healing. I highly recommend her."



"Dena has the ability to put you in a complete relaxed state.

That is priceless especially in our chaotic world. She has my highest recommendation!"



"My experience with Dena was so very soothing but deeply healing.

She made it very easy to settle in by being very warm and welcoming and giving clear instructions on her processes. I feel brighter and lighter after our session. Would highly recommend her services."



"Highly recommended!

Dena was holding space for me and I felt a deep connection during our session."



"I instantly felt comfortable and relaxed during my virtual session with Dena.

I was shocked to see some of the things she was able to pick up on and she was so willing to talk to me afterward and really take the time to break down some things so that I could better understand. Dena really has a gift and it’s no doubt she is doing what she was put on this earth to do."



"I felt instantly at ease with Dena.

She listened + asked the right questions to understand my needs and where I was mentally and spiritually. The session itself was amazing. Dena helped me clear some of the creative/energetic blockages I've been dealing with and afterwards gave me some amazing insights that have given me strength to navigate some of the challenges I'm dealing with. Thank you, Dena!"




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