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#5 Preparing for the upcoming revolution

Lean into the power of your instincts and sharpen them.

Learning how to harness the power of all our instincts prepares us for the next era in society. The upcoming age of smart technology and cyber-physical networks and systems will shift how we do business. It’ll also reduce labor efforts and offer us more time to explore new experiences and opportunities that allow us to evolve further into our own human existence.

The dream that every previous generation had before us, to streamline work and give ourselves more time to enjoy and live.

We’re in a historical shift in perspective and the drive to find our individual purpose is relatively new. Prior to that, the purpose was given to you and assumed. In the past, societies dedicated a huge amount of time developing a connection to a higher intelligence. Within the last 75 years, as we broke away from dogma and expanded our mind, learning about the universe, we dreamt of more personal freedom.

Nasa was created in 1957, which gave us images beyond earth and throughout the galaxy that gave us a new and wider reality. Social boundaries started to push and expand into the Civil rights act and the Feminist movement both happening in 1964.It started around the same time as the 3rd industrial revolution was kicking into high gear.

So where does that lead us?

Into the next revolution in the industrial cycle that will take us to a place where we’re modernizing our focus and developing skills and being more independent and sovereign.

To prepare and do this successfully, I believe we have to take small steps now and learn what interests us to develop. Then we can evolve those interests and turn them into something more meaningful, even if it’s personal at first.

The act of being, the act of sharing our worth and value to help those around us who are a reflection of us at an earlier stage.

That’s the benefit of a well-rounded and properly functioning society. We all have a role to play and when we are actually playing the game of life, we win. No matter what the moment looks like. It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you are here, there’s always time to evolve.

I’ve written about this before, in hopes to inspire you to move forward and create. In fact, that’s all I want to encourage you to do. I see so many benefits of creativity in health and wellness that it prospers all areas of life.

It’s how we sharpen our instincts. And not dismiss them.

Study your own human behavior.

Understand how you operate and know the nature of yourself.

You will inevitably understand the general flight of life when others cross your path. Compassion and wisdom will arise in all situations making you an expert.

That self knowledge builds to deeper levels of understanding for what is needed to maintain stable mental health and balanced emotional states.

Fuel this knowledge towards pioneering a new way to live. True self-sovereignty and a way to offer all of the gifts you’ve spent time crafting and cultivating.

Expanding concepts of connectivity with the world.

Our minds are more open today with our wide range of beliefs and lifestyles. We’re expanding our sensory receptors with a device in one hand, head down while walking around.

There’s a new mental revolution of how we perceive time and space. It happens between the virtual and in-real-life events. It’s how we think and use digital products and payments. Paying for things that live in a cloud that you’ll never see in real life.

This mental model is pushing the boundaries of how we define our purpose in life. And the best kept secret is that it’s yours to define. No one else gets this job, but you.

Human Purpose

The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, posed a notion that, “everything has a purpose, and, for humans, that purpose is reaching the state of ultimate happiness.” Basically, it’s the pleasure of doing something for the sake of itself and the will to be happy.

It took many years and the 3rd industrial revolution to spark the spiritual movement and for people to live in modern cities and embark on a new independence. It’s now a more accepted idea of pursuing one’s own purpose than it ever was before.

We’re now able to carve out our own way of life, and return to being more independent. If we choose to follow what is meaningful to us, we’ll have a great capacity to enjoy what we’ve built for ourselves. Why? Because we’ve taken something formulated in our imagination and materialized it into our reality. When we build a life we love, we’ve built something that is custom and unique.

It seems that we’re heading into a new way of constructing society. A new way of doing business, building expanded communities across the globe and finding alternative ways to gather together and connect. Sometimes, it’s a hard concept to wrap our heads around, that we live in an era where also anything is possible. This is the future that was dreamt and hoped for.

Continue learning new skills, challenge yourself and embrace all the ways possible to navigate in a cyber-physical world. With so much rapid movement in consumption, there’s an even greater call for self-development.

Sharpening Instincts

  1. Learn what intrigues you. Be a constant learner and student. Let the mind continue to expand.

  2. Pursue hobbies that give you meaning. Have it unfold into greater work that you can leave behind. Even for a handful of people.

  3. Share the knowledge you have and let others learn from you. We all have something of value to another.

  4. Discern and declutter what no longer serves you. Let the distractions go so that you can continue to move and change.

  5. Always: Build, make, construct, design, bake, craft, invent, shape, discover, and just start creating.

The modern day pioneer is left with the skills of heightened awareness and instincts through the digital world. We now have the chance to hold the world at their fingertips.

Are you ready to step into this new era?

Follow your interests. And embrace what comes next.


When you're ready, here's how I can help

Sharpen your instincts by documenting the process with the Intuitive Journal.

-Dena Rae


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