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#6 Live like an Artist

Health, Wealth & Freedom through Creativity

Live like an artist.

A renegade-style bohemian, living life on their own terms.

Creating a life built through self-purpose and personal meaning.

A creative life is a healthy life. The act of taking on new projects gives us a framework for continued new challenges and overcoming them. This has a direct relationship to our confidence, self-worth and a healthier life.

Unfortunately, society tends to believe that being an artist requires that you have to create art for a living. And you have to have some weird obsession to focus on. Along with the occasional wild rendezvous and being flighty with commitments.

You don’t have to be an actual artist and live like one.

But embracing the carefree and curious lifestyle has tremendous benefits for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Creating for the sake of joy and pleasure is directly related to the wealth of your health.

Play like a child and you will age like one.

Free your imagination and roam around in curiosity.

Be guided by your inner child while the adult in you looks after the wallet.

Yes, being an artist is a career and lifestyle. It's also an inquisitive attitude while celebrating what’s new or a new perspective. It’s a developed enthusiasm for embarking on uncharted pathways making discoveries. Feeling excitement by encountering the essence of life, and knowing how to co-create within it.

Yet, you won’t do anything about it.


You know why, but you don’t want to admit it.

Here’s the thing we know deep down, but avoid.

If we live free, if we decide to paint our life molded to our liking, then a shift happens.

And the price for this new life sets in.

To have this new freedom, everything in our life is our success and also our responsibility.

The requirement for abundance is accountability.

It’s what will gain you VIP access to freedom.

The more you own your life, the more freedom you feel. It’s an example of the spiritual law of duality. Tethered values to opposite emotions. From one spectrum to another, abundance saddled with responsibility, tests us to remain balanced while free.

Today, I’m going to show you how to start living like an artist in 5 easy steps.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Listen to where you’re being guided.

Listen to your heart is an old adage. Turns out, listening to your heart when making decisions is a good approach. The heart and our emotional responses happen milliseconds faster than our rational thoughts. It was used for survival by our ancestors. Now it can be fine-tuned to finding positive experiences. Notice how your body responds and get pulled towards something. Once the heart knows where to go, the logical mind will follow.

Step 2: Create daily rituals.

Open up personal space for self-expression. Mindset is crucial, but old out-dated beliefs will hold us back. Rituals bring us into the present moment and allow room for intentions. A time to check into your internal weather report. Go a little deeper and connect to something greater than you. Find meaning in the brief instances of time.

Morning coffee and journaling. A walk outside in nature. Even washing the dishes offers a chance for ritual. Create meaning in the mundane. Expand time and space for open moments.

Step 3: Where is your curiosity?

Give in to the weird interests and pursuits that intrigue you. Let those random thoughts that pop in, and guide you. Research and explore something new and out of your comfort zone. Give yourself permission to take a field-trip down a rabbit-hole of new information. Allowing for unexpected and new connections to be made. Follow your hunches by staying in a calm state of mind. Inner guidance whispers. Fear and anxiety scream.

Step 4: Get hobbies.

Play, tinker, doodle, scribble, craft, build, dance, move, etc.

Get your hands dirty and explore fresh experiences. Take your curiosity to the next level. Take the class, visit the place, try the thing and get the dessert. Gain new insights and wisdom from outside of your comfort zone, just 1%. Enough to see around the corner to the next thing. Be casual and flexible. If you can get out of your comfort zone, then you'll get used to being uncomfortable. And that will be your new comfort zone.

Step 5: Stay curious daily.

Daily curiosity keeps the wheels turning and the heart engaged. It’s the fuel to keep these steps in a loop of a cycle. Daily curiosity married with meaningful rituals builds a life that’s imprint is all yours. Small and steady thoughtful moments. And each day will be unique and beyond valuable.

Pour into yourself

Watch yourself grow. You’ll never need validation from anyone other than you. Choose you first. Show others how to treat you. And let everyone follow your example.

Progress through cycles

Moving through these steps, the idea of failure becomes non-existent. Everything becomes an experience, hopefully a purposeful one. Challenging events turn into learning opportunities. And success redefines itself year after year.


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-Dena Rae


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