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#4 Great leaders know how to play the fool

How can you be a great leader in your life?

Develop your intuition.

Intuitive intelligence offers faster and more accurate results.

But you have to practice it daily to get it right.

Unfortunately, most people dismiss this potential superpower. Many think it’s silly and others think it doesn't have any value.

Yet, many famous business leaders have mentioned how important intuition was used to guide them. They spent years fine-tuning their internal guidance, acting on the right opportunities at the right time. And learning how to bounce back after failure.

One study measured the entrepreneurial mind during decision making moments and opportunities. The study highlights the skill of intuitive pattern recognition and making new cognitive connections. And the correlation it has to creative thinking. Which means, this is a skill that you can develop.

“The skill of intuitive pattern recognition isn't available to everyone, but neither is it a special power: it comes with experience, practice, learning, and constructive feedback.”

With practice, it's possible to increase your intuitive abilities. Shifting thoughts can rewire your mindset. By developing intuition anyone can be a creative thinker and problem solver.

Process your experience and turn it into insight.

Understanding how to see the lesson to leverage for future intuition builds wisdom.

Developing a sense about life and how you operate within it. Reviewing the moments of your life, without reliving it or judging it.

We know wisdom and knowledge builds a keen instinct. The fire that strikes within. It’s the expression of courage we look for in a hero. That hopeful leader standing at the front line.

How does one sharpen the intuitive mind?

What’s needed to shape personal success?

Even skilled decision makers have the ability to identify patterns from past experiences to leverage into new situations.

“Whatever biology reveals in the future we know for certain that entrepreneurs have a powerful ability to intuit which enables them to perceive and evaluate potential business opportunities.”

The 4 main reasons people haven’t been able to develop their intuition

  • Not knowing how to listen to it or develop it

  • You're told not to listen to your feelings and instead change ways

  • The ego gets in the way and your intuitive thoughts get dismissed

  • Fear sets in before taking action

  • Overthinking and analyzing causing self doubt and second guessing

Over the years, I’ve found a way out of the heavy feelings and low tides of confidence for intuitive decision making. When the logical mind has exhausted itself through analysis paralysis. And when the thoughts circle around and around, it’s time to stop.

I recalibrate and move through these 5 steps.

1. Refocus my attention. Where am I placing my thoughts and intentions? What am I focusing on and giving my attention to? Where do I need to shift it?

2. Pay attention to what emotions come up. Is there anything happening in my body that’s giving me a signal? Am I feeling a different way that’s conflicting with my intended actions?

3. Quiet the mind to observe what is current. What patterns am I noticing? Any past insights I can pull from?

4. Ask and listen for an understanding of what’s next. Investigate on what you heard. Research to learn more about what it will take to create it.

5. Decide to take action. Is there an easy way to move forward and experience this?

A leader putting intuition into action.

A young 22 year old graduate student going to Stanford, stressed over finals, had a dream. He envisioned the ability to download the entire web and just keep the links. That young student was Larry Page and held onto that idea and co-founder Google.

Intuition doesn’t always make sense at the time it comes in. That’s what makes it challenging, when receiving information ahead of its time. And it’s with the help of our logical left brain that builds the strategy to materialize it. When both sides are engaged and balanced, you’re developing the intuitive skill of creative thinking.

A focused state of mind. Knowing how to oscillate between the sweet inspirational visions that light you up. And bring them down into the practical and material-based world.

What may seem foolish at first blush becomes wisdom spent for the future.

Leading our lives requires courage to break down the illusions of our fears. Intuition is that bright little flashlight that keeps us going, one step at a time.

Develop communication with yourself. Don’t lie to yourself.

And your intuition will greatly increase.


When you're ready, here's how I can help

  1. Keep documenting your process with the Intuitive Journal, and get the full 6 month edition in a Hard Copy Journal Here.

–Dena Rae


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