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#7 Creating with Intuition

Learn to move through anxiety and depression with creativity.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that when we’re not allowed to find ways to be creative, anxiety, frustration and even depression start to sprout. It’s been well documented in the medical journals how important the act of play is on a human with a variety of benefits.

Today, we’ll go over why it’s important. And how to start adding bits of creativity into your life.

Being is the act of creating. Conscious awareness expanded.

The state of your well-being and how energy flows through you will dictate the quality of your health. And keeping a healthy state of being is more than just physical. There are other areas in the body that, if left unattended to, are the root cause for anxiety and depression.

The mind has two hemispheres that need to be activated. Like all muscles, the mentally creative one will revert to other emotions if it doesn't get attention. Typically, we over utilize our left brain and under develop our right hemisphere.

Because culture has labeled attributes to both, it’s become a false way to identify oneself. People believe that they are only one side of the mind. That’s impossible, you have to use both, but people will resist the idea of creativity. They aren’t artists, they aren’t creative. It was something they did as a child, a long time ago.

Creativity is the easiest and fastest way to heal and empower yourself by:

– Improving the immune system – Effectively reducing anxiety and depression

– Gentle way to heal and mend a broken heart

– Boost confidence

– Gain clarity in making personal decisions

Once in a while, people will find time here and there to be creative. It was that one time during vacation you took where there was a workshop. Or that one event that had some fun exercises.

But there’s still resistance to pursuing time for personal creative projects and play.

Most people don’t know how to get started.

– They think it’s going to take too much

– They’re afraid to make mistakes

– They’ll feel foolish

– They have all these obligations that actually don’t benefit them

My mission is simple. Creativity is our sentient obligation. Creativity is a spiritual connection and a natural healing process. As a creative and healer, the more I study both, the deeper I understand how tightly woven these two principles are.

Our need for creation stems from the same place as needing to find purpose and meaning. Housed in the same container, the body that needs emotions running properly for a healthy state of being.

There are four main energy bodies to check in on your state of being. Here are a few reasons why you need them.

Physical Using the body, hand and mind together while being in the present moment helps regulate the breath. You’re focused on the task in front of you and not worried about the past or the future. All of your being has to be involved when creating. Time also has a way of suspending itself.

Emotional Entertaining the emotions you know about and nurturing the ones that need to come out of you. Being in a playful and safe space will allow you to address and uncover what’s underneath in a healthy way. It may not always be easy, but it’s a way to regulate and check-in.


Creating offersnew mental problems to solve that stretch us in challenging ways. Satisfied with accomplishing tasks and building something never before seen offers unparalleled rewards. Projects we set out to conquer give ways to higher levels of strategic thinking that will spill into other areas of our lives.


This one is special and isn’t something that can be manufactured. Connecting to the universal force and in a way mimicking the creation process brings us closer to a spiritual connection. Especially if you’re creating for the benefit of others.

All four of these bodies that make you up, require maintenance, rest and rejuvenation. Feeding each one daily will naturally give you a fresh take on life and new opportunities for play.

One activity covers all four.

Intuitive drawings and journaling

Incorporating creating and journaling allows a full expression to take place.

Between physical movements and being in the present moment, intuitive drawing engages the mind. It allows both sides of the brain to focus on what’s at hand and let the rest of the energy in the body flow. It allows you to hear your voice and privately connect to the same universal force of creation.

Here are 3 steps to start intuitively drawing.

Do this anytime and especially when you start anxious, frustrated or depressed.

  1. Start with a small journal, paper, pen, pencils - whatever feels easy and comfortable. Keep it simple and start with what you have. Ink on paper is gorgeous.

  2. Only focus on the line that you’re drawing. Don’t think about what it should look like or anything of the sort. One moment, one line.

  3. Draw until it feels complete. It doesn’t have to be anything at all. Take it and turn it into something later.


Whenever you're ready, here are 2 ways I can help you:

If you're looking to strengthen your internal intuitive guidance, here are two recommendations to start. These are processes I currently use.

→ 1. Intuitive Drawing Event - Take time to start an intuitive drawing practice and learn how easy it is to do. Upcoming event May 7, 2023

→ 2. The Intuitive Journal. Transform your inner world into a sacred sanctuary with The Intuitive Journal. This 6 month journal will guide you through a daily system I’ve used to increase my guidance from hardly there to a confident superpower. Tap into your own guidance here.


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