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Creating Sacred Spaces

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again."

– Joseph Campbell

What is a personal sacred space?

It's defined as a dedicated area set apart for that which has the meaning of being holy. In creating a space for the sacred, we are giving it a singular intention of purpose, to commune with the divine. Any defined place, that is distinguished from any other space, where rituals are involved, can become holy and sacred to you. A helpful metaphor of sacred spaces is similar to a focused lens that puts attention on the forms, objects and actions as it bears significant and personal meaning. It provides a means to bridge an access between our human world and of divine realities. It is your own meaningful space where you can commune with the divine. Ideally, it’s a space that is only for you. A haven where you go to fill up your spirit, to find and gather moments of awe and connect within your soul that sacredness we sometimes scatter throughout our day. It's a sanctuary that you can return to be yourself, nurture who you are and grow. Size doesn’t matter. Start simple with a candle and add to your altar trinkets that hold special meaning.

As you begin to create your sacred space, imagine what intention you’d like to set.

• What are you seeking to add to your life by setting up this space?

• What do you hope to achieve in this space?

• Do you see yourself using this space daily?

• Or only during important holy days, occasions or seasons?

• Is this space going to be shared or an individual practice?

What is needed to create a sacred space?

Interpersonal Dialogue

A place where you internally go to meet your personal god and have divine communication. A moment of both speaking and listening. A dedication in space and time to create a solid channel of communication. A sanctified area of purity reflecting the perfect realm of the divine, that is void of the messiness of daily life. The creation of awe that unfolds as a center for divine power that will transform your soul.

Visual Metaphor and Meaning

An invitation to the bridge connecting you through space and time. Using a cosmic visual wonderland to create your own mythology and map out directions. To reshape your understanding of the world as you move through it.


Cherished items as another way to invoke a strong connection into the conversation. Items that have powerful memories to invoke the spiritual.

Spiritually as a daily practice.

To find new opportunities to strengthen inner peace and release tension with the issues. To gain and be inspired by new insight. To connect to a higher power and completely immersed with this energy. To feed your soul with nourishment to express yourself. To be more present and conscious in the details of your life.

Rituals as a way to celebrate moments with meaning.

Rituals become a gateway to celebrate moments and events. Changing of seasons, movements of the universe, sun, moon and stars. Ending and new beginning, and special occasions. Celebrating a new relationship or a successful outcome. A way to bookmark and consecrate an important change.

“A sacred space is the highest form of self-care. Time with you. Time with something greater than you. Time to be. Time to process. And the innovation of intention to be one with the highest version of you.”

– Dena Rae

Power of intuition

Remember that this is a space to honor your heart’s desire. Trust your intuition to guide you on what and where to include and how to use it. Listen, explore and see where it takes you.

The four elements can amplify your altar


Lighting a candle offers a symbolic way to invite the energy of the Divine in and transform the ordinary into sacred. The fire element opens the heart to create communication and expand your consciousness. A channel that flows and forms like the flames of a wick, motivating a force of strength and courage to fuel passion for new and renewed life.


Bringing in water is another most important element to represent cleansing, purification, regeneration, fertility, transformation.and pure communication. Water is a source of life and can be infused with sacred blessings. It is a sacred and sensitive energy.


Gaia, the earth element, lovingly supports us andgrounds us. Similar to the roots and trunk of a tree, we grow upward into the sky and downward beneath the ground with branches that support our commitment and confidence.


The air element stimulates the power of the mind and enhances the intellect by bringing mental clarity. Air can lift us to new heights of inspiration, aspiration and creativity.

Overall Healing Benefits

• Release of stress, negativity and stuck energy

• Heal any grief, especially from a broken heart

• Enhance spiritual growth

• Help to manifest abundance and success

• Offer protection

• Nourish your soul with pure, clean and positive energy

• Strengthen mental clarity and self will

• Create peace, hope and inspiration

Allow this space to change and evolve over time

Make your sacred space a constant reflection of where you are at the moment. Guided by your intuition, shift and change elements as needed. Feel what’s in alignment with you as you set your intentions and desires

What to learn more about how to create a unique sacred space?

Show off Your Space!

Show off your sacred space and altar!

Post a photo of your sacred space on instagram and tag us at @wisdom_healings

Looking for inspiration?

Check out a video on what it means to go within your sacred space.

May you have many sacred experiences that help in your inner transformation of love igniting you further into the divine, shrouded with cosmic energy.

– Dena Rae

Dena is available for private, one-on-one energy

healing sessions and intuitive body readings.

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