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#44 Your role as a creator

There’s a really old idea that humans are creators. 

In fact, it’s so old, it's actually quite ancient. And this idea is expressed to show us that we’re more like co-creators with the divine. 

This idea of being a co-creator with the source of life or a divine presence goes as far back as some of the first recorded stories in history found in ancient Mesopotamia.

It’s been permeated into our psyche and the DNA of humans since the beginning of time.

In modern times, we’ve watered down this concept or only assumed it was religious territory. And while all ancient cultures stemmed from being highly religious as the focus of daily life, it’s our actual birthright to understand this concept.

We think being a creator is only those with special gifts and talents to produce artwork. We’ve lost the true meaning and interpretation of the concept of creator.

Everyone is supposed to create things. Bring those insights down into the world for all to enjoy.

It is a prevalent theme in the Hebrew and Catholic traditions and also hinted at throughout all world religions, we are in a likeness of the god that shaped us.

We were made with a divine spark nested within each of us reflecting that singular source of creative energy.

It’s that divine spark that we hold within us that makes us more unique than any other animal on the planet. But we’ve lost touch with its true meaning and gotten muddled on what we’re supposed to do in this role. 

Creative entrepreneurship is the leading cause of our economy.

It’s one of the driving forces that created the United States and it’s what our ancestors held dear in their toil and labor to make a life and society that we get to benefit from.

Humanity wouldn’t survive without innovation, creative thinking and the pursuit of solving problems to make life more efficient, more effective and just plain easier. 

Are we waiting for someone else to do this?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to put my money on hoping Elon Musk is going to bring us into the future. Not any more. 

Our approach to life has changed rapidly in the last few years. What seemed impossible and a little crazy are now the best ways to make a living for yourself.

There’s a guy that chops wood and a girl that discusses squirrels to make a living. In today’s online world, both are highly successful. It’s nuts.

There are so many opportunities to construct a life that is best suited for our needs. But are we willing to take the brave step forward?

Bottomline, there’s no longer room left for excuses. 

Take back your role as a creator. And within those creative activities, I’m pretty certain there you’ll find a unique purpose that will surface to the top.

One designed by you for you.

Take the role of co-creator seriously. It’s no longer an option to act as if you’re not capable and fully responsible for having a life you love.

Even through the difficult times. That’s part of this experience.

Let’s break down your role as creator and how to co-create so it can be brought into this modern new wild era.

Your role as a creator is to research topics that interest you, prepare those well-structured ideas and engage in hands-on experiences to publish that work.

Identify needs and be able to coordinate and measure skills for growth. The ability to manage time in a well-balanced way. Communication and leadership skills to deliver creative projects in the world.

How to Co-Create with Source, or any other name that feels more comfortable to you. Use these steps to summon creative inspiration for your next endeavor. 

  1. Invite the universe into meditation to align with natural energy. During meditation, imagine the cosmos stirring inside of you. Feel that divine spark of love within and expand out. See it as a small energetic flame that grows bigger and bigger reaching out through the crown of your head.

  2. Connect in prayer to the energy that created all life. Invoke the divine in a conversation to access the same force that created the universe, the planets, the stars, the mountains and the seas. Ask for guidance, inspiration and ways to restore vitality.

  3. Align the heart to the mind. Connect the energy center of your heart directly to the mind. Make decisions where thoughts are calibrated to stirrings of the heart. One doesn’t dominate the other, instead they are partners working together.

  4. Tap into the harmonic frequencies of nature. Fall into the gentleness of nature and elevated lower emotional moods to be in peace. Allow spaciousness of being to let inspiration strike.

  5. Listen to the intuitive nudges and watch for signs. Accept what synchronicities you hear and see out in the world that reflect back answers to your questions. From hearing a song, to seeing a symbol or opening a book with the words you needed, let it  take you forward one more step. Lean into the messages without overthinking it and continue to stay open and curious.

Embrace the role of co-creator and add your inventions to the patchwork of society. What will your next creation be? .

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