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#43 Leap with faith by holding the right intentions

Forget resolutions and create lasting intentions and take that leap of faith. Yes, forget resolutions.

While we want to take risks, they should be fueled by faith and centered intentions. Not empty promises we know deep down will get discarded not long after they’re made.

It’s been scientifically proven that by Jan 19th, most resolutions will be abandoned. 

That’ll be the third Friday of the month where millions of people will forfeit those ideas and lean back into their old ways. 

And those that can stick with it a little longer, usually drop it by the second week of February.

Don’t let that be you.

Sometimes what we've set out in the past hasn’t always resulted in what we hoped for.


We’ve learned that the universe had other intentions that took us in unexpected and new directions.

Here we are, again at the brink of a new threshold, stepping through the doorway, assessing how we’ll enter into this next round. 

Make a commitment to yourself to set intentions that bring value in your life. Take a leap of faith that what you hold dear will reap rewards in the future.

“You have to believe in something that is unseen, until it's seen. That is the definition of faith” - Myron Golden

Commit to creating a life that you deem worthy of living by the visions you’ve created.

Most articles will tell you to set goals and measure them. Has that ever worked for you? Me neither.

It wasn’t until I got crystal clear on why I wanted the change and why it mattered that real progress showed up. 

Why is that?

Because my why was so strong it determined my actions, even when the landscape changed.

Let’s take everyone’s favorite example of getting healthier. 

We can all agree that getting healthier is a good thing to do. And we all know the common reasons why we should be healthier, but there tends to be a relapse.


Because the real intentions weren’t set in place. When there’s a solid purpose behind what you want to accomplish, we become determined to make it happen. No matter what. 

And that’s incredibly important to making real progress.

Because life happens, schedules change and moods fluctuate. Even through all of that, if the main purpose is to move from point A to B and it’s not that dreamy straight line we imagined, we’ll continue to fight to move forward anyway.

Let’s stay with the example of being healthier.

To become healthier, most people assume they’ll have to do things they hate in order to meet their goals. It’s the wrong approach with a guaranteed outcome that you’ll give up quickly.


Because you’ve already stacked up a challenging goal with obstacles that you don’t like. If you don’t like running, don’t assume that’s the way to solve your fitness problems. 

We want to work smarter towards our intentions, not harder to meet them.

We want to hold the visions we’re creating for ourselves and have faith they’ll materialize.

If you don’t like eating certain types of food, but think they’re healthy, why would you force yourself to eat them in ways that are unpleasant? 

Attain your outcome by leveraging things you’d enjoy doing to get to you there. Keep your motivation long lasting.

Every day we get to decide how we’ll show up for ourselves. 

And no matter what you decide, commit to yourself to embark on those ventures even when you don’t think you’re ready. 

Allowing for new challenges allows for unexpected growth that lets you blossom in ways you couldn’t predict.

The dark reality of life is that there is an endpoint. None of us will get out of this experience alive. With the time left, what intentions are worthy to maintain? 

Trust in your vision. Bet on yourself. 

Be in situations that you truly love, not ones that make you settle for now. 

You owe it to yourself. If you’re not going to champion for your life, who is? 

If you don’t deem yourself worthy of pushing out to pioneer your own success, why would anyone else be willing to cheerlead it for you?

As we begin a new calendar cycle, and take time to pause and reflect before leaping forward.

Ask yourself these questions to dive deeper as you cast your vision for the next 12 months: 

  1. What are my true intentions that I can hold onto throughout the year?

  2. How can I maintain an everlasting beginner mind? 

  3. How can I leverage the self mastering teacher within?

  4. What new experiences am I looking forward to enjoying? 

  5. Who do I want to be? And how will I step into this role?

Each one of us is a living piece of art in motion. 

We need new experiences and challenges to explore our endless amounts of growth.


The only limit on what we’re willing to do is what we can imagine. Let this year be the one that finally breaks old patterns while developing new long lasting habits.


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