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#41 Being the CEO of your life

“Being” is a strong word.

It’s the essence of existence that we tend to take for granted. We move through life so quickly, living from one event to next, hardly pausing to take in the full moment.

Being in a powerful position like a CEO creates a level of authority most people don’t want to take on.


We’re okay playing victim to our circumstances, I know I’ve done it in the past, but that way of living no longer works as we progress forward.

There’s been too many books written, studies done and conversations had around how to move out of feeling mistreated and moving into personal power.

Over time, we learn that life isn’t equal or always fair. If we’re lucky, we get the gift of hindsight that reminds us that our most devastating experiences became our most triumphant periods. 

We can’t be the hero of our story without some level of conflict. Yet, when we’re in the middle of our trials and tribulations, nothing about it feels victorious.


I wouldn’t wish for anyone to feel devastation or disaster, yet life seems to be built with contrast. 

We won’t truly understand peace until we’ve felt struggle. It would be great to see another version of this, but that’s how the laws of this universe playout. The law of polarity.

Being able to step into the role of CEO of our life grants us the ability and permission to execute only the best for ourselves that we see fit. This is not a selfish act. 

When we’re able to truly take care of ourselves and fulfill our needs as best as we can, we can enable and support others to do the same.

We’re here to learn about ourselves. Save ourselves. And in the process assist others to do the same. True counselors, guides, therapists, psychologists all take this on with real support and guidance. 

But we each have to learn what our own vision for our life is and how we want to plan to make that vision a reality.

What does that mean for you? 

What long-term plans have you envisioned for yourself? 

What have you been able to accomplish so far? 

What’s remaining? What’s changed?

Quote on image of bright pink and orange sunset.
Step into the role of CEO of your life.

We’re only able to cast an authentic vision for ourselves and the year ahead when we can assess the questions above.

This up-coming year feels a little different. Maybe it always feels that way. But this year, there seems to be a new threshold that each of us are being asked to walk through. 

Very old and outdated beliefs have to be dropped by the entryway before we can walk through the door. The ways we used to do things don’t seem to work the same way anymore. 

We’ve all changed quietly, internally over these last several years. Whether it's been acknowledged or not.

The world has been changing rapidly. We’re no longer able to see trends years ahead. When something happens in the world, within 24hrs the news will boomerang around the globe. 

Because of this, we need to deepen our knowledge of self so we know what and how to react to situations that can be overwhelming. When we know how to face challenges and sit in discomfort, we lean more into being our own hero.

Stand in your personal power by being the CEO of your life. 

This means the role of a CEO is responsible for making major decisions, managing overall operations and setting a strategic direction. They are accountable to a group of stakeholders while being the public face.

What does a CEO role mean to you in your life?

How can you be more effective in your decision making?

How can you be better at managing your overall well being?

What strategic direction and vision are you putting in place for the next 12 months?

How will you be accountable for the actions you take?

By reviewing past lessons from minor missteps and risks taken, we can look at where pieces need to be adjusted and pivot to move forward in this next chapter of life.

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