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#35 Secrets to problem solving

Solve personal problems by breaking it down into pieces.

The resistance to move forward is an old problem, but where does it stem from?

There are lots of ways to solve surface problems. But we want to get to the root cause and find where it lives.

It’s usually in the same spot.

Underneath the shadows of our beliefs and our unconscious behaviors. Our little secrets and fallback habits that are the hardest to acknowledge.

They’re the hardest to acknowledge, because above them lies a foundation of security and stability we’ve built our personal stories on.

Over time, we learn how sturdy that foundation was to begin with.

So when problems arise, we have a hard time finding the answer. Even though the answers have always been there. Usually revealed in hindsight.

What’s the secret to solving our problems?

Approach it like a child, a scientist or an artist.

Shift the mindset to explore options that detach from the emotions that get tangled in it.

Sounds hard at first. It's a challenge to see a new way of thinking.

And then it gets easier.

Once we can shake off the emotional charge of what the problem seems to present, we can put those new goggles on and experiment with solutions.

Test one solution out and measure the results. Test another solution and measure those results. Compare the two. Which one was more successful in solving the problem?

The sooner we decode our emotions and are able to move through them, the faster we get to the solutions.

Everything has a solution, if we’re willing to look at it in the right way.

Making decisions feels uneasy at times.

We tend to think things like:

What if I make the wrong decision? What if I get what I want and I don’t like it?

We know if we can imagine it, we can do it. We are only held back by perceived limiting beliefs.

Break down the problem into pieces

Tackling big things feels overwhelming and out of reach. Tackling small things feels easy and victorious.

The biggest factor in making a decision towards a solution requires a step into the unknown. That scares us because change is involved.

But when we take steps in the direction of the unknown, the path starts to become clear.

More information is revealed and our perception shifts and a light at the end of the tunnel starts to appear.

Problems get smaller and solutions become quick and actionable.

Finding your inner child, artist or scientist.

Here are a few secret steps to making real solutions a new reality. Let in new ways to view a situation to arrive at better answers.

1. Imagine you solving your problem through the lens of a child, scientist and an artist.

Look at this through a child’s eyes, a scientist’s process and an artist’s approach. How might their approach change the view of the problem differently? What would each one do to start solving this problem?

2. Think of three different ways that seem outrageous in solving your problem.

Businesses do this to push customer satisfaction by ideating a 10x experience. It allows our mind to open wide so we can later narrow it down. What’s the wildest way you could solve this problem? Then explore a milder solution.

3. Take a step towards it. Anything will do.

What approach could you commit to following through? What’s the most practical step that you could take, even if it feels uncomfortable.

It’s up to us to decide how we want to perceive our problems while maneuvering through conflicts. That perception will dictate which path to use to remedy our problems while we go on to achieve our dreams and goals.


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