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#30 Intuition is our superhuman power

Gut instincts usually require an actual feeling to take place as a result of a situation or one that’s impending soon.

But having gut instincts isn’t quite the same as intuition. When there isn’t a feeling in the body, we have to infer what guidance to take.

While most people quickly try to analyze the situation, they end up moving towards stress and anxiety.

And those who have developed a heightened sense will tap into their intuitive intelligence to process the scenario.

Western society tends to demonize our natural instincts as faulty and only rely on data and facts.

We need both, and not be dominated by only one type of thinking when our instincts have kept us out of harm's way for centuries.

Hinduism acknowledges the presence of intuition shows a deep connection to one’s soul and a higher power.

Having a strong intuition is the result of deep self-awareness that removes away frivolous desires, anxiety and fear.

We’ve been conditioned to rely on what other expert people have to say about things. Don’t get me wrong, we need advice from professionals, as long as we’re also checking in with ourselves.

Making big life decisions is hard. Even with all the facts in front of us and weighing out our options, if our intuitive instincts are dismissed, we’ll be left with worry, anxiety and self-doubting our decisions.

We’ve trained ourselves to look for outside answers when our time would be better spent to look within.

We shake and buckle under the weight of making decisions because we haven’t learned how to read our emotions and instinctive feelings.

Most people have the wrong impression of being intuitive and the behaviors around it. We don’t have to live like a monk to get insights about life. But we do need to be in silence to hear the whispers.

We’ve gotten so lost in our fact finding activities that we forget how to connect to ourselves. And know how to go within. Spirituality has become a commodity instead of a pilgrimage back to the soul.

How is intuition a superhuman power?

As a sentient being, we all have this innate ability to detect and understand something correctly. It can help us make decisions that we’ll be happier with.

Studies have shown that purchases based on more intuitive inclinations than examining data, have a higher rate of satisfaction.

We all have big regrets when we don't listen to our intuition.

Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey and many other famous people have all contributed to their intuition as a driving force in their success.

How do we develop this super power?

Lots of well-known methods exist to get us in the intuitive state. Meditation, being in stillness, standing in the mud rubbing the belly to feel the vibration of nature. All important.

And even more important is trusting that information. And how to take hold of them and move into action.

But we dismiss it. We usually hear the internal guidance and turn the volume down.


It didn’t come with a chart, graph or a study from a doctor behind it.

It sounded different than what I wanted to hear.

It doesn’t fit into my plans or the fantasy of what I thought it should be.

This is where we break our superpower.

We don’t follow through and we lose trust with ourselves. Every time.

And that will always breed inner discord with ourselves. It will be the leading cause of our anxiousness and worry.

What we perpetuate is doubt, instead of trust. We continue to train ourselves to look outside for an answer that’s been sitting within.

It happens.

Five ways to further develop intuition.

Practice this skill daily and cultivate a life you love being in more than not.

1. Slow it down.

Build space to hear the guidance. It's only delivered in short whispers when you’re in the car, washing dishes and other random things that need to be done in life. Make space for guidance to drop in during quiet moments and peaceful walks.

2. Follow the guidance.

The more you follow, the more you receive. Take the insights and compare it with critical thinking and analysis. Intuition gives you leads to explore further. Then data becomes useful in determining the right actions.

3. Practice empathy.

Specifically “empathic accuracy” which is a skill we wished that more people had. It’s the ability to recognize when someone else is having an emotional experience underneath the surface. Being able to infer when something is wrong with another builds our intuitive intelligence.

4. Be present.

Mindful, focused and intentional all bring us in full awareness of the moment. That allows us to observe tiny details within that our intuition has to offer. Mindfulness allows us to have the right filter to bring important information in and distractions out.

5. Create. Turns out that creativity and intuition go hand and hand. They need to be nurtured together as one invites the other in. For us to create something that is meaningful, we want to use our intuitive nature. And by following our intuitive nudges, we end up creating something wonderful.

Over time, we learn to trust those intuitive nudges like an old friend assisting us on our path.

We learn how to understand the information and eliminate regret.

We learn how to harness this wisdom and take a leap of faith by believing in ourselves.

Our intuitive intelligence is offering us advice to turn our dreams into reality. It seems silly that we’d brush it aside forgetting that we’re creators.

Know the nature of self and the rest will be revealed.


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