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#29 Make the hard decisions for your best interest

We love our inspirational and motivational mantras, slogans and memes. It invigorates us and empowers us to want to take action and climb new heights. But will we?

Making hard decisions that are for your best interest feels like trying to move a mountain. We know we’re the only ones that can save ourselves. And the more we learn how to make decisions for our best interests, those decisions become easier and easier.

Why would making a decision in our best interest be hard?

  1. We might have to walk away from a situation that doesn’t serve us, but we’ve invested a lot of time and energy with it.

  2. The inner conflict between our heart and head delays us from taking action. We feel we should leave, but we rationalize to stay.

  3. We don’t want to disrupt or hurt others that will be affected by our decisions.

How does this pertain to [healing our creative lives] building a healthy creative life?

  1. It’s easy to self-sabotage our situations because we listen more to our inner critic than our deeper desires.

  2. We’re afraid of the unknown and would rather stay in situations that fully drains our energy and mental thoughts.

  3. We limit ourselves to what we do because we believe a false narrative about our abilities.

In order for us to be creators of our lives, we have to be able to self-assess and make bold choices and changes when things aren’t working out. Regretting for staying too long and wasting our precious time can be handled if we’re able to know how to let go.

Learning that we can’t always control the conditions in our environment and when we’re able to go with the flow allows life to happen and miracles to occur.

Let’s break down on making hard decisions and building a healthy creative life.

  1. Self-sabotaging is a shadow form of narcissism. I’ve been learning this lesson on a deeper level. While it sounds silly, when we withhold from others pieces of ourselves, it’s a twisted form of self that says others aren’t allowed in. When we hold our creative spark within, we miss the opportunity for others to grow and for us to expand. It’s an inward selfishness that says what we have to express is only for us. Yeah, it was a hard one to look at.

  2. We love the devil we know. And we are terrified of the unknown. What we forget to understand is that the unknown only lasts for a moment. Once we step out into new territory, we can adjust to our surroundings pretty quickly. We pick up the ques from those around us and find freedom in trying new approaches. I talk about change alot, because I enjoy the full process of transformation, including the shocking and painful parts. They tend to make for the best stories afterwards where wisdom deepens and we have a stronger sense of what really matters.

  3. Think small, live small. Plato was famous for his book “the Republic”, where enslaved men lived shackled in a cave. Shadows danced on the wall which was from others walking outside. Those men who saw the shadows assumed the worst and continued to stay in their limited world view afraid by a limiting belief. Had they ventured out, even just to peek around the corner, their entire world view would have changed in an instance. We’re hardly ever prepared for change and the true transformation it’ll give us. But in my humble opinion, it’s better to process many world views instead of limiting them to a handful of ideas. Think small, live small.

Make the hard decisions for your best interests. And watch mountains move out of your way.

Make the hard decisions that are the necessity to know your worth and what you value the most.

Make the hard decisions that enforce boundaries of higher standards to life. And life will have no other choice but to meet you there.

Value the relationship with yourself and a higher power. And watch how situations will unfold into your best interest. Every time.


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