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#26 Confidence and courage results in clarity

Balancing our emotional energy gives us mental focus.

The more we learn how to trust and interpret our primal instincts, our intuitive nudges and embrace the spirit of our heart, our own wisdom lights the pathway forward.

The more we understand the reasons why we feel the way we do, the better our decision making will be to take the right shifts and changes. These insights become potent fuel to push through feelings of fear, worry and self-doubt because we see behind its illusions.

Being able to identify the polarity of life, we see the experiences in front of us that test us to become confident and courageous. Underneath that is the required mental balance to transform out-dated stories in our head into a new script for us to write and begin a new story. When we become a dedicated observer, we can decipher what thoughts support us versus what strips us down.

When we let fear and scarcity overwhelm us and override our actions, we get confused and foggy. When we’re ready and willing to face whatever challenge stands in front of us, we start to see clearly what steps lie ahead.

Time is shifting faster than we’re prepared for and it doesn’t feel like it’s changing anytime soon. It’s also a new time in human history with so many opportunities in front of us that challenge the status quo. With a mixture of uncertain times fueled with a deep need for personal freedom, turmoil and anxiety increase as we look towards what’s next on the horizon.

Advancing into confidence & courage

We all have dreams and visions of being able to experience great things and be successful in our own lives. But we don’t always know how to take the right steps to make it happen when our heart and mind are at odds with each other. We may feel change is needed, but scared to take actions so the mind will create safe stories to stay in the same or similar spot.

Inquire into what stories have been running in the mind that are blocking movement to step out and experience what is of interest? What updated standards or beliefs can be shifted towards taking action that we can stand firm in?

Standing in strength

We are stronger than we realize. Again, life will show up by adversity how strong we really are. How many times we can get up after a fall and continue our path forward.

What ways can we nurture undiscovered talents? How can we stand strong in our strength, and expand it by connecting to our life force and vitality? What support systems are needed to gain personal stability? How is the stability of my mindset when I’m faced with fear or discouragement?

Visualize your independence

Freedom is something that we all want to achieve by designing a life of our choosing. Can we see a version of ourselves as fully determined to fulfill our personal sovereignty? How might we expand our mindset into new ways of perceiving freedom and removing mental bonds?

Gaining clarity

Discern where attention is placed. Observe the mind and shift any thoughts into supportive intentions. Start to gain clear insightful next steps as opposed to distracting interactions. How can we tap into our own intuitive wisdom within the heart to differentiate between focused intention and divergent thoughts?

“Knowing what to leave out is just as important as knowing what to focus on.”–Warren Buffett

4 steps to move into bravery

Stepping outside our comfort zone and possibly being seen in a public forum while doing something new, terrifies just about everyone. We’ve had past events or will have new experiences that are going to ask us to be brave and bold while doing something different. Here are a few steps to move closer to bravery.

1. Define your why.

Understanding why we want to do something and what it means to us, will help to define its importance and how much of a priority it should have. We all have small and large things we want to accomplish, so understanding why we want to make changes and doing something new, allow us to maintain our focus, strength and flexibility.

2. Transmuting fear.

Energetically, there’s a fine line between excitement and anxiety. The heart races and a heightened level of intensity bubbles up inside of us. When we establish our “Why” and keep that close by, we can turn any amount of fear into fuel and funnel that energy into laser-sharp actions.

3. Mindsets into mantras.

Re-wiring thoughts and shifting mental perspectives has been the single most important contributor to creating fruitful endeavors. What we put, we get out. What we perceive to be true, by the lens we view something, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Simple statements of self-trust can make a mountain look like a speed-bump.

4. Micro moves forward.

Break down steps into micro tasks and move through it quickly. When momentum slows down or stops, remember the why factor, take that nervous energy and reroute it back to excitement. Repeat personal mantras and take a step forward. Even if you don’t feel ready, do it anyway.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”–Buddha

Embrace the warrior within and be the brave hero in your life story.

How will you step into more courage and take action?


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