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#24 Creating with intuition and the perceptive heart.

Celebrate the harvest of life through simple moments.

It's the curious artist who watches with a mindful eye the scene of a Parisian outdoor cafe on a lazy sunny Sunday afternoon. In a moment, a vision strikes to capture the feeling of the emotions by the crowd and the soft subtle ways the light dances through the trees.

It’s the faithful scientist who gazes over the many mathematical equations to find the right solution to validate a long sought after theory. In a moment it’s clear what the misinterpretation was to correct the problem and move into testing.

Art and Physics are a strange combination to mingle together, but both have very similar processes. Through observation with a perceptive heart, the logical mind can anchor grounded steps to generate meaningful work.

“Revolutionary art and visionary physics attempt to speak about matters that do not yet have words. That is why their languages are so poorly understood by people outside their fields. Because they both speak of what is certainly to come, however, it is incumbent upon us to learn to understand them.”

Dr. Leonard Shlain was a laparoscopic surgeon, author, and inventor who loved humanitarian arts and wrote extensively about these topics. Especially being able to build strong arguments on how the human psyche works throughout history.

In Greek, the word for soul is written as psyche. The philosophers during the 5th century were consumed with centering a life around meeting the needs of the soul. As did the generations that came before. And we continue the same pursuits with our modern striving for meaning today.

Science has also always been driven by a deep conviction to solve the unknown by having a stead-fast persistence to prove theories and push society into new territory.

Tapping into the source of life stems from the same place. Our unique gift is to individually determine how we express that source of life throughout our existence.

Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.—Carl Sagan How do we tap into that source of life?

The real secret ingredient to life is to love.

And an effortless and amusing way to get into some good loving is to let the kid drive. You know who I’m talking about. Give that inner child a permission slip to go on adventurous field trips that keep us youthful. Walk through the unfamiliar with new eyes and automatically shift the perspective and broaden old viewpoints.

Creating a life you love is vital to your health, wealth and personal purpose.

As an intuitive creative and energy healer, I know the importance of the flow of energy that needs to move through the body. To keep a balanced state of the mind, body, spirit and soul we want to live with clarity through a heart-centered lens. To understand that balance, we need to continually know ourselves through our changes.

I know how important our self-talk is when our wild and adventurous side wants to take us out of our comfort zone. Is it met with enthusiasm or doubt? We know our minds want to keep us safe. We can also tell ourselves we may not be qualified to have such big dreams or ideas to pursue. And we can also encourage ourselves to strategize on how to make that happen.

It’s time to go and take action. It’s only when we’re in the process of creating, that we can have a discussion about it. That was the method taught at a university art education. The learning was done in the studio and the lesson was understood afterwards

That was how we learned to make tangible things. And how to hear and handle criticism. Both have been critical to everyone’s growth and success.

Take Time Out

I know, it’s a busy time right now, it’s always a busy time. And I know what you might need to get through it peacefully.

Take at least one hour out of the week, or even better a bit of time each day and observe something new. Follow that perceptive heart to lead into something new. Visit that place you’ve been curious about or investigate that idea you had and take action on it. Do something that’s a bit out of the ordinary for your normal routine.

Let the heart lead the way to your next adventure.

Creatively curious? Take out that permission slip and color for an hour while listening to a favorite song or listen to a new podcast episode. See what wisdom bubbles up from inside of you. It always does.

Let the mind wander so the soul can wonder.

How will you unlock your own meaning and purpose? How will you dance with wonder the rest of this year and into the next?


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