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#20 Integrating new insights

New thoughts will change our foundation.

Have you ever had such a new thought or insight that rings so true, it changes everything in how life gets viewed?

We’ll never get a notification or alert when they’re coming, but someone will say something and that lens of perspective shifts a few notches and our world view is a little different.

That happened to me yesterday.

It was a new look at how my attitude and behavior played a bigger role than I had wanted to see or even could see a few years ago. It was centered around how to master one’s emotions and how to use them in a practical application. The very definition of emotional intelligence.

We know change is an important part of the process. In a way, it’s the only process we go through and label stages of relevance. From birth to death to rebirth, from dark to light. Change happens in the physical as a reflection from the change within the ethereal.

A great example of this is looking at water. Water that is unable to flow will be in a state of stagnation. Stagnant water can be a huge environmental hazard as it will become a breeding ground for diseases. The human body is made up of 60% water, with the heart and brain composed of 73% water and the lungs at 83%. We actually need to change, move and grow to eliminate stagnation and disease.

So how can we take big new insights and integrate them into our daily routines?

Let’s say a huge idea comes to mind that feels like the answer to a prayer. Let’s say this big idea is so exciting it’s almost on the verge of overwhelming, because where does one start?

Big picture thinking translated into micro steps

Once the idea has landed and rooted within the psyche, there’s a new aim to head towards. Most of the time, the path to get there isn’t a straight linear road. It usually comes with plot-twists and perceived unnecessary turns that actually bring new insights and opportunities.

One thing is for sure, there’s a change happening within and we want to be organized to implement and develop these insights to life.

Napkins sketches are a great quick way to see how it all hooks together. Get the overview of the holistic plan to be able to map a course to move through.

“Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” - William James

Clear thinking led us to big epiphanies and concise thinking will allow us to break down the big ideas in phases and then steps within the phases. Does this sound boring and practical? It should because we want to create our own step-by-step process to make it happen.

Not everything needs to be planned out. What’s required is a general understanding of major milestones and only the initial steps need to be looked at in detail. As more information comes in, new intuitive insights emerge and the phases of plan adjust as the journey continues.

Even after enlightenment, we still have to chop wood and carry water.

Integrating the tiny tasks into routine.

Here are a few tips on how to bring these ideas into tasks to fold into the daily routine.

  1. Mental constructs - We tend to overlook this part of the process because it's invisible. Reconstructing the way we think and ultimately how we’ll start to approach life takes a lot of energy. If there’s a feeling of fatigue and tiredness, it may be the result of a lot of mental gymnastics happening with making new connections in the mind and planning for it. Visualizing is an obvious exercise as it’ll be hard to stop. Give yourself the time to integrate mentally these new insights and action-plans.

  2. Carving time - There will be a difference between one-off tasks to accomplish vs creating a new or revised behavioral pattern. Either way, carving out a dedicated amount of time is needed. One that can be done each day. Whether it’s five mins of mediation, a 30 min task or one hour of focused attention, what can we honestly commit to?

  3. Monitoring progress - Some days these micro steps will be breezy and others will feel challenging to get done. At the end of it, gather what was learned, what could be changed and what’s next on the plan to conquer? Over time, look at what was accomplished and what still remains to be done? What is no longer of interest or needed and can be removed? Sometimes we have to try out things to realize it’s not for us, but it prepares us for the next step.

  4. Repurpose resources - Bonus tip - The ability to repurpose any resource into something new has been the backbone of human ingenuity. That cleverness to continue finding solutions to meet our needs is how we contribute to the growth of society. What do you already have to get started? Is there anything that can be repurposed to meet these new needs?

The determination, commitment and dedication to bring these life-affirming endeavors to fruition, especially for the benefit of the collection will have guaranteed success.


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