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#15 Cracking your code on change

Breaking down the old, making way for the new

There’s a general understanding that in order for us to grow we have to invite a certain amount of change into our life. It’s easy when we can recognize the things we want for ourselves and work towards them, but it’s a different story when there are signs around us that tell us it’s time to move on but we resist the message.

Being able to understand the cycles of our hormonal shifts and feel when change is coming enables us to harness the right energy at the right time. Knowing when and how to move is similar to a black panther in the jungle or the majestic lion. These animals aren’t hustling the safari streets with constant movement, they’re reserved and laid back until it’s time to use full force.

There are a few points in life when the idea of change arises:

  1. The Desire: A desire for an aspirational conquest and we want to try to meet them head on, such as higher education to grow a skill and knowledge base

  2. The Wheel: Continuing to do the same efforts with little progression while still trying to reach a desired goal.

  3. The Burnout: A push and exerting of too much work has forced a change of stillness and redirected attention.

The first point is the best one, it’s the drive to better ourselves and realize our full potential. All of our intentions are good and meaningful. We know what’s tried and true but we forget that keeping things too much the same can add to staleness.

Or if we rush to make things happen, we exert too much of ourselves and overwork to the point of exhaustion, and pay for it later so we can rest. We end up having to take large chunks of time away to recuperate and run the risk of burning ourselves on wanting to continue.

Hustling has a time and place. I’ve done it for years and it was needed, but I had to pay for that later on. Now, I realize the true value of rest and all the different methods to apply so that I can always work on what I love without ever feeling stale or stuck for too long. We need to feel all emotions so we can better navigate ourselves. It’s a personal balancing act as we all have a unique energetic print.

So for us to practice good health and wellness across our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual lives, we have to know our natural cycles to live by. This includes both men and women. Our hormones affect each of us differently, the seasons affect us and yes even the moon has its subtle influences.

Learning the patterns of our hormones starts to crack our own energy code. When these patterns emerge, even during rest we can still be productive and use time outs as effective ways to be thoughtful about what’s ahead. We no longer have to mentally beat ourselves up with thoughts on why we should be constantly doing.

We're intricate energetic beings that are in a constant state of fluxing hormones. Men actually move through faster cycles each day with the rise and fall of testosterone. While women move through a 28 cycle with ebb and flow of estrogen rising. While we all carry both testosterone and estrogen in the body, it’s important to see how our emotional balance contributes to our perception and actions in life.

Typically, we have to hit a breaking point for us to make radical change happen. It’s in our nature to wait till the very last moment to actually move and even then it’s still difficult.

The only way to level up in our life is to make the necessary changes for our greater good. I see life as a myriad of steps to further a soul's evolution. The expansion of experiences and new found perceptions are the true goal to accomplish. How well did I live that best suited me? How well did I support and serve those around me?

We’re headed into a new unknown. Society and life seem to change faster with each growing day. With so much change outside of us, it becomes a survival skill to know yourself and natural cadence to respond to situations with intuitive and emotional intelligence.

4 Areas to Crack Your Code for Change

  1. Desires: Moving towards the topics or things that drive you and deeply interest you. If you don’t know what you want, what needs to go? What could be improved? What has been lingering to get done? If you’re stuck on identifying change, spiritually, I would ask for help, be open and pay attention to what comes up within and the details around me to get answers.

  2. Planning: Plan just enough to know where you’re going and get started. Know what your north star is. Shifting into change takes constant nurturing of the right mindsets and regulating the nervous system with each new step into the unknown. This is the part that self-doubt wants to make its grand scene entrance, but don’t fall for the drama. It’s only a distraction with a veiled illusion of safety.

  3. Grit: Change hurts the head and sometimes the ass, while success happens in the aftermath. There will always be days that feel deflating as if no progress has been made and continue to push those uncomfortable edges. The daily dedication we have towards change becomes fuel to motivate us and get those transformative results. Keep going through the tough days.

  4. Measure: Monitor your moods over the seasons by taking note of how you feel overall. There’s such a thing as seasonal affective disorder [SAD] which tells us that we are affected by nature and that scientists have a sense of humor using this acronym. Know when it’s your right time to take action and when it's best to rest. Change is exhausting due to all the energy it takes to maneuver through new thoughts, emotions and situations. Be gentle on yourself while being bold in the world.

I’m still learning the depths of these cycles as I grow and lean more into the knowledge they hold for me, the more successful I am with my projects.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” –Socrates


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