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#14 Fearless courage through a framework

Igniting insights into tangible pursuits.

“I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me.” –Tracee Ellis Ross

I’m always trying to hack life and find ways to build easy systems in my life so that I can pursue what inspires me. At least that’s my goal. So I’ve spent a decent amount of time observing and moving through what my mind wants me to accomplish and where my energy or body is also guiding me towards.

Sometimes they match up and sometimes they don’t. My goal is to match my mindset with my emotional energy so that any worry turns into fearless courage to propel me forward. And I’ve found it’s possible to be this fearlessly courageous person when I keep to a simple framework.

If we want to really accomplish something there’s a drive within us that will make it happen. There are valid times and reasons to push beyond our limits to get to where we want to be. I’ve spent many days and nights grinding and hustling to get to some golden carrot goal that I set for myself. But instead, I ended up going through unnecessary cycles of burnout.

I doubled down and learned how to handle these burnout cycles, but it came at the cost of losing days to recuperate only to start the cycle again. Now, after years of learning how to balance my mind and body, it becomes easier to move through change and to achieve what I want.

My routines may be different than yours, but I’ve been embarking on a few frameworks and I’d like to share the first one with you.

First, to understand this framework, let’s look at the duality of yin and yang energy. Yin, the receptive energy, wants us to go within and incubate ideas. Over time that energy starts to build up Yang energy and pushes for action to be taken. This is why boredom is so important in our lives - it forces us to do something that holds our interest. The goal is always to create, but there are times we need to build pent up energy, so we can later intentionally guide it towards fruitful efforts.

There will be times when you want to be in your own little world, other times when you want attention and kind of crave center stage. And then there’s those in-between times. It sort of feels like walking a tightrope to balance the patience of doing the repetitive daily tasks and the urge to have everything right now.

Frameworks are meant to work for you

While I like to use a few frameworks, let’s start with the first one and break down the main areas of life that we want to keep balanced. By staying aware of what’s needed and especially what’s being depleted in these areas, it becomes easier to practice emotional intelligence. You understand why you need something and then take action to get it.

Let’s look at three main areas of life; health, wealth and relationships. These areas of life have a lot of smaller pieces to consider, but overall they require priority of attention.

Framework of self love

This framework is to know what is important to you and why. Then there can be flexibility in the actions taken, and experimentation in the experiences as long as you're true to the dedication of self love.

When we learn how to fulfill our needs, we move from a place where we feel abundant instead of lacking and trying to fill in the gaps.

While these may seem obvious, it’s still challenging to nurture these areas and to keep moving. Here are helpful reminders of why these areas should remain top priority and questions to maintain their relevance.

#1 - Health

We all know health is important, but how important is it to you? Physical activities and exercise, mindful moments, eating right and getting enough sleep are what we usually associate with health. Mental health is included in this list. What is being watched and listened to? Spiritual health is also important in how connections are made with something greater. And emotional health and how we’re regulating what we feel and learning how to release what no longer serves us.

If you can identify why being in a health state is important for you and those around you will be a guiding factor into what activities are done to accomplish being in a healthy state.

#2 Wealth Setting ourselves up now and building towards a prosperous future should always be a priority. Financial investments and career moves are clear indicators of where you are and where you’re headed. It’s also important to have a wealthy mindset by being open and curious to new opportunities.

It’s taking action to find ways that can offer spiritual support that will feel like wealth by being in community. And to be emotionally wealthy would be the ability to find or create the happiness that you seek by knowing how to choose it.

#3 Relationships Everything in life is relational. Each interaction we have in all parts of life involves the relationship with self or with another. How can we nurture and evolve existing relationships? Or do we need to work on and develop more personal and authentic relationships?

Having a loving relationship with self-talk should be reviewed and considered so that we’re creating mental balance and harmony. Spiritually, I think most people want a connection with something greater than them and to have a flourishing relationship and inner world. And emotionally be able to manage feelings to effectively direct that energy into deeper reflections and conversations.

As I mentioned before, there are frameworks within frameworks and some I’ve written about in the past. This framework allows for a birds eye view of life. How is each area doing? Where do I need to spend more time? What is running smoothly? And as you've probably noticed, they all overlap with each other, one always affects the other.

How are you building the right framework in your life?

“Discovery is the journey; insight is the destination.” –Gary Hamel


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