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#11 Is it possible to have change without discomfort?

The other day, the movie, “The Karate Kid” popped into my mind. And how we watched a young boy learn from all these daily mundane routines that needed to be done, become second nature to him. He was being prepared without knowing and was growing impatient because he couldn’t see the progress yet.

But his mentor understood the mind and body connection. And he knew that the body would know how to respond automatically. And that would let the mind be free to be clear and open to whatever was coming at him. An active meditative state to be in offers a heightened sense.

It had popped into my mind, because I think alot about the purpose of life and how much of that is in my control to create and how to keep moving forward. Especially if I don’t see progress right away. And it was realizing that my daily routines give me structure and just the right balance of discipline to get things done.

When I fall out of routines or get sloppy with the structure, it breeds an air of chaos where things start to slip through the cracks. When I do have a bit of structure, it helps me feel my best. And with structures in place, it offers comfort and a real sense of self-care. It’s those parenting skills turned back on yourself, to keep a sane and productive life.

Lately, it seems that we’re being asked to decide where we want to go next. The past is so far away now, the only option is a new direction. And we’re having to make decisions on what we want our lives to look like, even a decade from now. I know it sounds like a lot, but before you know it, time passes by and it's easy to be in the same spot.

But the shift here, at this moment in time, is different. There’s a new change that we’ve all collectively been waiting for and it's here. I’ve learned over the years when I feel a change coming, I try to get ahead of it. If I can be my own catalyst, it tends to go a bit smoother than the universe coming in and making decisions on my behalf.

To give you an example, imagine being at a job that you don’t like and makes you feel stuck. You should move on, but you have all these logical reasons to stay. Even though your body tells you otherwise. Then one day, something happens like, you snap from the tension, or there are layoffs that affect you, or anything that creates a painful realization. One you knew but didn’t want to deal with. So…you finally make the decision to change. One that should have been made earlier.

If we can get ahead of change, prepare for it, does it make it easier? Astrologically speaking, huge energy shifts are taking place that haven’t happened since the French and American revolutions. Changes around how we think about our social systems and our collective power will get a reboot.

A lot of change is coming that we can’t see, but we might be feeling. You know it when you feel restless or anxious. As if something is coming you know you'll have to deal with, but you’re not sure what it is yet.

It’s also a time where we want to feel luxurious and dedicant and comfortable and cozy. Change is hard for anyone, unless there’s a strong catalyst. So to want to change takes another level of self-will.

Back to the karate kid.

After thinking about my karate moves, I asked myself, could I make more progress with change while putting comfort around me? Could I take a bigger leap while wrapped in a warm blanket? Is it walking a new path while wearing cozy socks to make the journey that much sweeter? Change is inevitable, we know this. So why is it so hard to break the pattern when our mind is on board with the concept of new?

I believe so. I also believe that I can create my own reality, so the idea of needing to have pain for change is also a mental construct. As long as I’m willing to change (and yes there are still hard parts) then I don’t need to wait for pain to occur for the domino effect of change to start.

Building in a comfortable structure.

How each day is set up is essential to major shifts and wanted changes. Building both an internal and external sanctuary unlocks the ability to roam both mentally and physically. Make a special place that always lives within you and another special place where you put your head at night.

To prepare for these exciting new opportunities on the horizon that we can all feel, let’s dive into setting ourselves up for success. Having the right framework in your daily life might even make the change a little softer.

Roll into the change. Flow into life.

Here are a few tips to consider when engineering your framework to make the changes you want with ease. The goal is that change happens so naturally that you don’t even realize it happened gradually, until you’ve gone far enough to mark the time and reflect.

4 tips to move through any change

1. Home is a sacred place, not a dwelling place.

Keep it tidy and clean away from clutter, to clear the mind. Keep things organized and running smoothly. Let it be filled with what you love to look at and be surrounded by. Have a special place, nook or corner that’s all yours to meditate, pray or have private moments in.

2. Night routines.

This might be a bit more important than the morning routine. How you end your evening, especially the mood and thoughts you bring to bed will rise up with you in the morning. Aside from getting the right amount of sleep in a bed you love, how you end with a clear mind and heart will dictate your next day.

3. Preparing for what you want to change.

Arm yourself with as much information as you. The more you understand what you want to walk into, the unknown gets less scary. You’ll have a better idea of what to anticipate before you experience it and can let go more and enjoy the moments.

4. Rest in spurts.

Rest your energy when you need to. While this could be a good night’s sleep, it's more important where to spend your time and put your energy. Especially if you do know that change in your life is coming, be strategic with how you use both your physical and mental focus. It’s very easy to overthink and burn yourself out.

Slow and steady wins, so learn how you move and the details of your natural rhythm and energetic cadence. Then you’ll know where and how to push yourself.

I don’t know if we can completely avoid pain when changing, but if we’re prepared for it, we might be able to ease into change better even if the only way out is through.

“To remember who you are you need to forget who they told you to be.” - Unknown


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