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Interviews & Articles


Conversation with Rob Odinson about Energy Healing, Karmic Cords, & Psychosomatic Health Issues - May 2022

Watch us chat about energy in the body and how we can identify what's happening and how to manage it.


Article with Seek the Joy Podcast - Jan 2021

Read an article on learning more about Wisdom Healings, how I got started and what purpose and intentions I plan to bring with this healing work.


Episode with Stories of Inspiring Joy - Jan 2021

Listen to how my own personal journey opened me to learn how to deepen my own intuitive guidance and becoming a healer.


With Love Series - Dec 2020

Watch to an interview discussing blocks and issues in your body and how energy is guided to the areas that need it the most. 


Spiritual Psychology Reconnect - Aug 2020

Listen to a podcast interview discussing how our belief system affects our bodies and how we can work with ourselves to move through stuck emotions and blocked energy.


Elephant Journal “Sit with our Emotions & Let them Go.”- Feb 2019

Read an article on how we can sit with our emotions in a healthy way to understand them and not spiritually by-pass what we feel. And then how to release them.

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