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  Personal Transformative Alchemy  

Spiritual Life Advisory
 – 4 Month Program –

Spiritual Life Advisory
 – 4 Month Program –

Work with your innate alchemist to transform into your next evolution.


Personal sovereignty mixed with our own magical alchemy gives us the ability to transformation ourselves. We do this by pulling from within, our own untapped strength and power.

Through the process of movement through time and space with integrated practice. A way to intellectualize a new mindset, shift perspectives and give our energetic field room to incorporate the work through a developed course of action.

This program was developed to give you guidance and tools.

This program was developed to give you the guidance and tools to assess what personal decisions that bring you further into who you truly are. Learn how to navigate through perceived obstacles while standing firmly in your integrity. 


We work together to develop your own personal power, sovereignty, purpose and plan. I offer support and guidance while helping you see where you are at and what options are in front of you. I offer you a hall pass to the doorway of freedom and on your enriched journey. You are always free and something we need a dash of guidance to see it for ourselves.

Feel held in sacred space as you explore new
ways of expression.


The Process & Suggested Materials:

• Two 90 mins meetings each month

• Mindset journal prompts to work through that we can discuss each month.

• (1) Pre-recorded meditation to work with

• (1) Suggested Book to read to support you along the way


This program pushes beyond what you think or imagine, it taps into how you take that information and craft your life to take action and bring your desires into reality.

This is about coming out of the spiritual closet and giving yourself permission to be free and express yourself and your desires to the fullest capacity.


It’s about getting all of your story and message out into the world and not let your be buried inside of you with a life filled with regrets on what you wished you had accomplished. 


It’s about leveling up and creating the relationships and environment you’ve always dreamed of but have been too afraid to venture out from.


So, we’ll break it down, step by step over this course to work with different areas in the body and what story they hold, what no longer serves you and what you want to create instead. It’s always been inside of you, now is the time for it to come out.  

Yes, it’s possible. It’s never been a better time than right now.

I’m Dena Rae


Dena is a Southern California based Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Medicine Woman and Artist. She also holds a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from CSULB. She has had an extensive career, over 20+ years, in guiding designers, studios and business owners through intuitive branding & design solutions into successful business applications and ventures. 

After years of consulting and advising in the business world, Dena heard a soul deep calling to pursue her mystical intuitive gifts on a professional level and offer them to her community. It was through that soul calling that this practice was born and to help individuals transform into their true self and feel empowered and free to create a path of the soul’s desires.


Dena has also been trained as a Meditation Practitioner, Theta Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master and an Intuitive Bio-Field Practitioner. She is honored to hold sacred space for you.


With over 10+ years along this journey, I want to offer to you my expertise.

12 weeks of sensual and spiritual deep diving.

I’ve created an amazing program that builds a bridge to take you from your current life to your future desirable self.  Because the best way to transition from one place in your life to another, is to be guided by someone who’s done it many times before.

The first step is saying yes to investing in yourself.

You’re the CEO of your life and if you can’t get excited about your dreams, how are they going to come true?


Here’s how you’ll benefit after going through the program:


  • How to identify ways to dig deeper into your mindset and motives that you can work with instead of being against yourself and get out of internal conflict.

  • Learn ways to go within and learn what your deepest desires are without judging them and start finding new ways to set them free

  • Learn to trust your internal guidance you’re given and know how to act from a place of self-reliance and respect.

  • Infuse everything you do with intention and pleasure so much that every day life starts to feel like a magical blessing. 

Master your instincts and be able to start mastering your life by knowing both your light and shadow sides and working with them both to propel you forward.


How is the program structured?

Each week you’ll have an opportunity to learn about your energetic make-up and work with mindset prompts and meditation explorations.  


12 weeks : Online course modules to watch each week. Each topic has opportunities for mindset work, affirmations and a mediation to dive deeper into every topic.

12 weeks : Weekly small group healings + group call. Let's chat on what came up for you during the week. Sharing is an option and it’s a great way to bond and be seen during your growth.

6 individual one-on-one private sessions: Over the course of 12 weeks, we'll schedule private sessions to discuss your personal situations. Sessions should be scheduled every two weeks. Transformations take time to practice and I want to give you my full support.


How long is the program?

12 weeks! We kick off on Jan 25, 2021 and it runs till the week of April 12, 2021


When are the group healings and check-in calls?

Saturday mornings at 10am PST 


When are the one-on-one private sessions scheduled?

Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I’m available to accommodate morning, afternoon and evening bookings. If you’re in a different time zone, we’ll have to make arrangements prior to you signing up.


What if I change my mind?

Sorry, honeybuns. No refunding of any part of the program, at this time. We’ll start with an initial call to check in and make sure we are good to move forward. I will always show up for you during the program and bring my best!


Have any additional questions?  

Send over an email at

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